Day 454 - Surgery Success!...Mostly

Initially, we believed today's port replacement surgery went well. Everett was a total champ and smiling and giggling afterwards. He didn't even need additional pain meds during recovery.

After the PACU, we were transferred to the Pediatric unit to receive a 6-hour IVIG infusion. While there, the surgeon decided to order a follow up chest x-ray so we wouldn't have to return later in the week. Unfortunately, the follow up x-ray revealed that the catheter has already migrated! It's in an OK and safe location, but not great. We will find out next week if the surgery will need to be repeated next month.

The surgeon indicated that the catheter may potentially move back into the superior vena cava (which is desirable), so we are hopeful that will happen, and Everett can catch a break. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!














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