Day 596 - Ramped Up!

More amazing news to share!
In December, we mentioned that several members of the Mount Zion United Methodist Church in Myersville, MD, had generously donated their time to help us move landscaping to prepare for the installation of the wheelchair accessible ramp.

We are grateful to announce that several members of the congregation took their role much further. Thank you to Gary Weddle (longtime family friend and Jack of all Trades) for providing leadership and coordination to the entire project. Thank you to Andrew Brown for generously donating your time and providing the essential design/formal plans and CAD drawings needed at no cost. And thank you to Reverend Mike Beiber and the entire Mount Zion United Methodist Church Congregation for donating $1,000 toward the cost of materials!

But the blessings didn't stop there! Gary Weddle contacted Dale Bidle from TWPerry (the local construction supply company) on our behalf to negotiate for the materials to be provided at cost.

And ALL of the labor was generously donated by Smith Renovations, LLC from Keedysville, MD. In addition to being some of the nicest and most thoughtful guys around, this local family owned and operated company did an absolutely outstanding job! Bryan Smith and sons (Brandon Smith and Andrew Smith) worked diligently to install the ramp quickly and professionally all while battling incredibly unseasonable weather this spring. The ramp looks like it belonged there all along and we could not be happier with the final result!

Ultimately, this ramp prevents our family from needing to relocate to a more accessible home. After all of the support and love this community has provided to our family, we certainly cannot imagine living anywhere else!








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