Day 67 - Central Line Rip - Update!

Day 67 - Evening

Everett's doctors have decided that he's healthy enough to have a port implanted tomorrow! While this is happening much earlier than expected, it is a blessing because this means fewer tasks (infusions, cap changes, line flushes, lab draws, etc.) for Daddy to manage each day.

Unfortunately, there is still a risk Everett may have contracted an infection while he was exposed after he ripped out his central line, we hope that the broad spectrum of antibiotics (via an IV in his foot) will keep him safe. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts!


Day 67 - Morning

At 12:30am, Everett decided to rip his central line out of his chest. Thankfully, Daddy stayed calm and immediately called 5200 PBMT unit to let them know what happened and got to Duke University Hospital quickly. Everett immediately received a dose of antibiotics to ensure he does not get an infection. We are now waiting to see if his team thinks another central line should be implanted or if he is ready for a port.




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