Day 707 - Unexpected Surgery

Everett and Daddy returned to Sinai for his monthly check-up only to discover his port stopped working. After a dye-test fluoroscopy and echocardiogram, it appears the line has broken free from the device and is currently floating around in his right ventricle.

Little guy was admitted to ICU right away and line removal is scheduled for 8:30am. The current plan is to enter a vein through the groin and use a snare to grab the line for extraction. While horrifying to think of, this appears to be the least invasive option, so we are very hopeful it is successful.

Thankfully, Everett is in great spirits, and labs and vitals look normal. Both boys were thrilled to be joined by Mommy and Big Sisters for dinner and snuggles. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!













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