Duke University, Here Comes Everett!

Here we go! Everett, Tom, and Haylee have traveled from their home in Maryland to Duke University in North Carolina for a grueling 2 weeks of testing.

Brave little Everett will endure a wide array of tests, including EKGs and X-rays, neurocognitive evaluation, and nerve conduction testing to determine he's a candidate for a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant.

If he is eligible and if insurance approves, Tom and Haylee will take turns living with Everett in North Carolina during the transplant procedure and recovery, which is expected to take approximately 8 months.

While in North Carolina, the family is staying at a local chapter of The Ronald McDonald House, which provides a home away from home for families with children in long-term medical treatment. Tom and Haylee feel so blessed to be able to stay close to the hospital and have all the comforts of home without a significant financial burden.


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