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Our Little Warriors NORMAL Immune System!

On Everett's recent visit to Duke at the start of May, we learned that his immune system has achieved NORMAL levels! Read more about our little warrior's visit in blog post Drumroll, Please...

Thank you, Carly!

On March 19 at the Fredrick Gymnastics Club, one of Everett's big sisters attended the 7th birthday party for her friend and fellow Girl Scout, Carly. In lieu of gifts, the birthday girl Carly asked for donations to be made to COTA in honor of our Everett. Carly and her family made collection canisters and set up an information table regarding Everett and his journey. Carly's mom collected checks and cash, and many attendees donated to Everett's campaign online.

Because of Carly's selflessness and generosity, more than $500 was raised for COTA in honor of Everett! The Staruk family is so touched and extremely grateful to Carly, her family and all of the attendees that donated. Carly, YOU ROCK!

An Amazing Donation Bumps Us to Over 80% of Our Goal!

We have received an amazing donation of $10,000 from McCormick & Company! A family friend who works at the company organized an employee fundraiser, which managed to pull in $5,000. The company matched the amount, bringing the total donation to a whopping $10,000!!!

We are so thankful for the generous employees and owners of McCormick for this incredible gift! We are now over 80% to our goal of $100,000!

Thank you for your Giving Tuesday support!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to donate this past Tuesday, known as Giving Tuesday (the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving)! We raised over $3,000 as a result of your generosity, which COTA will match!

Team Everett is so thankful for all of our friends, family, and supporters who have supported and cheered along our Little Warrior these past 15, going on 16 months!


Everett is home and with his entire family again! Our Little Warrior's immune system is weak still, so he must remain in isolation and cannot see any unscheduled visitors, but the entire family is so grateful to be back together.

Everett's journey is by no means over, and your support is still valued immensely. Stay tuned for upcoming fundraisers and events, and thank you so much!


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