Starting Chemo and Saying Goodbye

It's Sunday afternoon, and Everett is all checked in at Duke and ready to begin chemo at midnight.

The chemotherapy Everett will be undergoing will destroy his bone marrow (the spongy, fatty tissue found inside larger bones). After the chemotherapy is completed, the transplant team will replace the destroyed bone marrow with the donor stem cells. The transplant is designed to replace Everett's cells that don't produce enough myelin in his brain with cells that will. If more myelin is generated, we hope that the impact of PMD on Everett's life will be reduced.

Unfortunately, Tom has to head back to Maryland and Everett's Big Sisters. He had to say a very challenging goodbye to his little warrior. Haylee will stay with Everett in North Carolina as he battles through this first step toward the transplant.

Thank you for the continued prayers and well wishes!







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