A Good Night

What a relief to be able to say it. He had a nice stable night and the very lovely nurse, Tracey, clipped his toe nails while he remained sleeping after I had expressed my horror at them. The goal today is to try to get him to wake up more, and take more control of his pain medication. This will allow him to eventually wean off the ventilator as he must breath on his own. Today they will try to wean him off dobutamine which is helping his heart squeeze (pre-surgery he was on a pump which dispensed milrinone). So now Iain does not have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. I do not think we have been able to absorb this yet with him literally fighting for his life. But what a sweet thing for him as we may be getting to a place where we can see forward a bit. We know he has a lot of challenges to face but at least for know that pernicious, deadly enemy PH is no longer his sinister shadow.


  • Young Schwemm family

    This is wonderful news. It will be amazing for Iain to begin using his healthy, disease-free lungs. Soon you will be talking with him! Have a really good day. XO

  • susan muir

    Good to hear that Iain had a stable night. I hope you and John had some rest too. Best wishes and love to Iain for a strong and speedy recovery

  • Aunt and Uncle

    This is the best news! I had been thinking forward anyway but I am beyond delighted and extatic that those plans can come to fruition. Goodness, he can even just go to school! I know that may not sound like good news to him but we have always wanted a normal life for him, the ability to make choices. And all of you are setting an example of both physical and emotional strength and grace, we are grateful to claim you as our family.

  • twseibel

    Everybody at Summit Middle School is on your side and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

  • Chrissie M

    That is just fantastic. Keep taking those steps Iain. You are doing a great job.

  • Michelle

    Iain without ph. That sounds wonderful and certainly brings tears to my eyes.

  • Beth A. Coleman

    Iain, So proud of you!! So happy you have a fighter heart and a new set of lungs!! So amazingly relieved and joy filled after the long night of this week!! Sitting in a PH meeting this morning in Dallas reading this and hoping my colleagues don't notice my tears of joy.....but they will understand if they do! Hallelujah for the increasingly light coming through after the long dark tunnel of this week! We love you and continue to cheer you on and pray for you sweet Iain!! Beth (and Dr Ivy)

  • Kecks

    This is wonderful news! I'm sure the entire family as well as Iain champions (including those of this blog) are all breathing easier. I know I've been holding my breath the last few days! You guys are on our minds constantly and we give thanks that Iain is making forward progress!! Sending love and support your way. Sharon & Richard

  • philmac

    Hi Iain - message from Jane Such wonderful news of your continuing recovery. I have a meditation course which enables me to reach brainwave frequencies where I can use my mind to connect with the Universe to aid your recovery. I did this daily over the last week. Your mind has the ability to connect,too, and I know you have done that. Even in your lowest state in hospital I know your subconscious mind was working for you. I noticed it in you last year when you, Phil and I stood in Knightsbridge watching the smart cars roaring up and down past Harrods. Your dreams and expectations were so evident - especially when you saw the Bugatti ! You knew you could have a car like that one day - if you believe it, you can ! You expressed those expectations in a recent chat with Phil. Desire, belief and expectation will bring you whatever you want. I know your new life will be wonderful. Look forward to these goals always in all aspects of your new life. Dream often. Much love, Jane

  • marilynmonnette

    Over joyed for Iain and all of you. Xo

  • lisapendergast

    Hi Iain, Seema, and John, Glad to hear last night was a good one and we hope to hear that Iain continues to make progress today. No more stinky PH for you, Iain!

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Iain you are a star. Great news, I will be straight on the dog & bone (phone) to let Aunty Gungal Din (Win) know. I will even tell her about your toe nails which I hope didn't pen & ink (stink). Great news Bonny Lad and excellent work from the rest of the Hess family. Take care from everyone over the pond.

  • Steve Van Wormer

    No more dry suits. No more central lines. No more Pulmonary Hypertension stopping you from climbing mountains!!!! Matt better watch out, because I think there's someone who will be cresting those peaks sooner than you know it! Keep on keeping on, Iain!

  • Marc Painter

    Iain - Jennifer and Marc Painter here - the Pendergasts' neighbors. We've been watching the blogs all along and cheering you on and sending you good Boulder vibes. Stay strong and keep climbing. We can't wait to see you bouncing off the walls with Mason and Colin, and see all three of you go on to great, great things!

  • shanson

    Exhale....hoping for more peaceful days ahead for your family.

  • HeatherPrakash

    I loved waking up this morning to read that you had a peaceful night!!! We are anxiously awaiting you waking up!!! Sophia has been talking about all the fun you two are going to have exercising those new, PH FREE lungs!!! We all love you so much Iain!!! Keep fighting - get stronger!!!

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