A couple of smiles

Iain was a different person today.  As Dr. Said, the fantastic critical care attending said, he was three times as sick yesterday and bearing in mind he is in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit that was really saying something.  I have to admit the nadir of yesterday came as Iain's lung collapsed and suddenly there were a lot of people not moving and just looking into Iain's room where there was already a large crowd again saving his life. It was almost surreal.  Fortunately, his symptoms have abated and today we have been able to communicate.

Ultimately, the consensus after numerous consults was that Iain had neuroleptic malignant syndrome.  This is a rare (of course because it is my son) life threatening reaction to certain anti-anxiety (oh the irony) drugs.  Although they have not completely discounted sepsis everything points to this syndrome, particularly as he turned the corner so quickly.  So today he was able to communicate and indicated that he wanted to go home NOW.  Failing that, he wanted to go for a tour around the ward.  Unfortunately, given that he is still on the ventilator, dialysis (he went back on yesterday when everything was so dire) and another chest tube not to mention the umpteen meds, leads and lines going in and out of him, it was a bit out of the question.

Have I mentioned recently how amazing these doctors, nurses and therapists are?  I would like to name them all but am afraid I might inadvertently miss one.  Not one person panicked yet they were all driven by the same urgency to save Iain yesterday.

It was hard to leave him tonight as he was more aware and far less sedated.  In the end Sarah and John dragged me out as the doctors and nurses wondered if I was ever going to leave my son alone so he could sleep.


  • susan muir

    That's fantastic news, so happy to read that Iain has bounced back from yesterday's trauma. I hope you can sleep tonight while he is resting, you must be exhausted from the anxiety. Wishing Iain continued recovery.

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Hi Iain. Glad to hear you are more awake. In the last couple of weeks you have gained quite a fan club. Your Aunty Sonia has become a member of the IHAS which is short for the Iain Hess Appreciation Society (Penshaw & Sunderland Branch). Your Aunty Win will not take off the IHAS "T" shirt that she has been modeling and she gets aggressive if anyone goes near the shirt. Her left upper cut really does hurt, POW! I have just got to get some ice for my eye and I think I will have to leave the "T" shirt until "The Tiger" (that quiet elderly lady and my mother in-law you know as nice Aunty Win) has gone to sleep. It sounds like you have a really dedicated and professional team treating you and a fantastic and loving Mum & Dad, but I think you know that already. Nicola, Andrew, David and Me send bags & bags of love to everyone there so take care Bonny Lad!

  • Chrissie M

    What a gift to be able to communicate! Hope it gets a tiny bit easier today.

  • marilynmonnette

    Sending love and continued courage.

  • TheRiceFamily

    We're amazed at Iain's courage And his family's too! Our thoughts are with you guys!

  • Aunt and Uncle

    Of course...he has an allergy and lesser known syndromes... Iain, it's honestly ok for you to live a life without medical shinagans. Although there's something funny about the idea of you being taken for a walk around the hospital hooked up to half the machines they own....

  • Young Schwemm family

    So glad to hear that the crisis is resolved and a BIG corner has been turned. From here we just know each day will be better than the last. Way to go, Iain! Thank you, medical team.

  • Simine

    Keeping you in our thoughts and always looking at your updates. Thank you for those. Sending Iain and you all love and healing thoughts. - Larry, Simine and family.

  • Jaime Ramirez-S

    Glad to hear about Iain's triumphs on everyday struggles. Our prayers keep going to everyone in the family. Stay strong!

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