A day riding the Kingda Ka

-Update from John

Today has been a rollercoaster (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingda_Ka). This morning his temperature was spiking into the 106+ range. After chilling him and massive amounts of antibiotics, his numbers have come down a bit. We are waiting for cultures to reveal the source of the presumed infection.

About an hour ago he suffered a collapse of his right lung. It's been re-inflated and is operating as expected. A terrifying few minutes and a setback, but not something he and we will not overcome.

Tonight, hopefully, stability and rest for the boy. He is an incredible fighter and is not giving up.



  • HeatherPrakash

    You've got this Iain - keep fighting!! We're so proud of you as you continue to fight your way through!!! We love you so much and can't wait till we see you open your eyes again and give us a wave - and hopefully more! John and Seema - I remain in utter awe of you both! Your strength and resilience in all you face and cope with day to day is incredible. We are continually sending you our most positive thoughts and all of our love! (Little) Simon told me yesterday that he's doing in very best work in school out here all for his brother Iain. We love you all so much!! Heather and crew in California

  • dzimmerman

    Dear John and Seema, I have been following your blog ever since the surgery. It is quite unbelievable what Iain and the whole family have been through. You are so right about Iain being such an incredibly strong fighter! Stay strong! We keep you all in our prayers! So glad to hear Sara is visiting, maybe a bit of needed distraction..? Big hugs to all! Love, Diana Z. & family

  • susan muir

    Thanks for the update, John. I hope Iain has a restful night after all he's been through today. Sending positive thoughts across the Atlantic; we think about Iain constantly and send you all our love.

  • bettylouwojo

    Just hang on and hang in there. Thanks for the update. Still praying. You guys are in my thoughts.So wish Jerry or Michael or Matthew could have had this chance Iain has. Love to all, Betty Lou

  • sbonar

    We may not personally know each other but as a parent of a PHer, rest assured that your family and Iain are in our constant prayers. Scott and Amy Bonar (Boise, Idaho)

  • Young Schwemm family

    We hope you all get a good night's sleep and that Iain's fever goes down. Thinking about you. Iain is loved and missed in Boulder!

  • Chrissie M

    Rest. Fight. Repeat. Keep up the good fight. Hope you all get some rest tonight.

  • Leon Family

    Thinking of you all- and how incredibly brave and strong the Hess Family is. There's nothing Iain can't do (he's already proven that!) Hope you all can rest a bit tonight. - The Leon Family (from High Peaks)

  • TheSquad

    Get better soon Iain, the Squad is thinking of you!

  • The Stevensons

    A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. -Christopher Reeve Iain is a hero, as are you all. I think it's safe to speak for everyone on here and say we are humbled and in awe of the courage, strength and grace of the Hess family. Kiersten Stevenson

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