Alas Iain Does not LIke Heparin

Unfortunately, Iain is not tolerating Heparin.  He is bleeding again quite a lot.  Since they could not find anything specific it must be generalized oozing.  Since he is losing so much blood and continuous transfusions are not good either, the heparin must be stopped and a coagulant added.  This means the only real option is to wean him off the ecmo fairly rapidly (very early in the morning) and then back in the OR tomorrow morning.  Ultimately it means he has to rely on his new lungs and his heart much earlier than the experts wished.  So Sarah or I will update in the morning.

Thanks all, I am telling him about all your messages.


  • Carleejean

    We are parents of a very wonderful 14 year old batteling Pulmonary Hypertension and 5 heart surgeries. KEEP YOUR FAITH....... Lain has this and so do you!!!!

  • HeatherPrakash

    You've got this Iain!!! Keep fighting!! We love you so much!!! We are all talking about our next big family vacation!! I'm envisioning us all back in Maui together enjoying the beach and sun! I'm picturing ALL of us there together. ALL OF US!!! We love you!!!!

  • susan muir

    Sorry Iain has had another setback. I hope you all have a restful night (as much as you can). Take care of yourselves xx

  • Brock Riggins

    Iain! Hang in there man! You can beat this like you've beat all the rest. I was just thinking about our evening with Colin, Mason and Ari where we spurred the attention of local authorities. I believe you remember that... Best wishes, Brock

  • Baigles1

    Ian you are a fighter and come from a strong family. I knew your grandmother pretty well...:) So many people love you and are thinking of you and your family every moment and sending positive energy your way.

  • The G Force

    Stay strong kid! xx oo The Griffiths

  • Hetty Ball

    Iain, We are sending strength and love to you and your family. We are so proud of all you have accomplished and look forward to you getting well and seeing what your future holds. Will you give us a ride in your Bughatti when you finally get one? Much love, Hetty and Tom Ball

  • jen.p.erickson

    We are the Erickson family, Christopher is followed by Children'sColorado and just received Potts Shunt late Oct, as well as eval for lung transplant that week in St. Louis. Prayers and great faith for Ian, the Hess family, and the medical team. Our hearts and lungs are beating and breathing for Ian. Love, Jennifer and Christopher and the Erickson family

  • Beth Butterfield

    Iain you are strong and have waited for these lungs for such a long time! Keep fighting!! Take charge and show your body who is boss!! Love you buddy!! Seema and John big hugs!

  • jtani10

    Iain, I know you can do this!! You have some awesome new lungs and it's time to get them going! You are strong and tough!! I'm constantly sending prayers your way!! Thank you for the updates! Jody Miller

  • bastruble

    Iain you are an inspiration. Your life is a testament to your strength and resilience. I am thinking of you and praying for you. Stay strong! Hugs to everyone! Beth

  • Fiona

    Iain, It's been so long since I've seen you, but I always remember you as someone who is very kind. I have faith that you can get through this, and am wishing you the very best. My thoughts are with you and your family. Best wishes, Fiona Anderson

  • heiserdiddams

    Sending love your way, sweet brave Hess family! We are thinking of Iain constantly, with admiration for the resilience he has shown ever since we met him. Hugs to Iain and his equally resilient parents!

  • Chrissie M

    Take it one heart beat at a time. Take it one breath at a time. You can do this Iain.

  • Salvado Family

    Keep fighting, Iain - keep your faith, and keep your drive and high spirit, through every corner of your new lungs. We keep faith in you and send a new load of positive energy. We admire you, young man! Marie-Laure, Jean-Baptiste, Paul-Auguste, Léonore, Gabrielle PS - Give a hug to your parents too :) They deserve it!

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Hi Iain, Julia here. Although we haven't talked much, I'm looking forward to seeing you back in school. You've always persevered through the tough moments, you can do this one now too!

  • Molly.kirk

    Stay strong Hess family! We are sending continual prayers that the strength you need will be there when you most need it. Much love to you all.

  • Bob Rowland

    To Iain, Seema & John -- our thoughts are with you all and we send you strength and love. We all wait for good news that we know will come. from Bob & Meg in Boulder, where we hope you will be when Iain is recovered enough to come home

  • Shawn

    BE strong Iain! Hang in there and get past this challenge. So many many people pulling for you. Ropp's of Boulder sending all our love your way.

  • mstephens

    Hi Iain, this is Amy Stephens from elementary school. We haven't seen each other in awhile, but I know you can stay strong and get better soon.

  • Elizabeth Burrows We are all here, focusing on your strength and recovery, Iain! All love from Summit

  • Lisa Hering

    Ian, Seema, and John: Mike and I are thinking about you all. Colorado really misses you and we're sending you guys loads of love and Hugs. Lisa and Mike Hering

  • arshan123456789

    This is Arshan and I wanted to say You got this! : )

  • Leon Family

    Iain- The Leon family is thinking of you and sending you positive vibes through your recovery! You have battled many obstacles the past few days, which is only making you stronger. We are all rooting for you guys over here in Colorado!

  • Richard Keck

    The Keck Family is praying for Iain and your entire family. I am confident we'll see Iain in the South Meadow Park this spring.

  • Tdujovne

    We are praying hard for you Lain! You are very present in our hearts and our minds and know you can do this! You are inspiring and we are rooting for you. We love you and care deeply about you. C'mon now!!??? The Dujovne's (Lucas V's uncle Thomas and daughters Sophia and Natalie???)

  • Salvado Family

    You can do it Iain. Oh yes, you can!

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