April is National Donate Life Month video from St. Louis Children's Hospital

Please watch this video, keep watching from 1.28 to see one of the stars.  You do not need facebook to watch it (I do not subscribe).  I think you will like it.


Again it is fitting to thank the family of Iain's donor and to thank everyone who makes sure that they are a registered organ donor.  Iain would not be here without those lungs (or donated blood).  After reading the pathology report on Iain's removed lungs we have realized how dreadfully damaged they were.  Iain has a lot of challenges still and will continue to have them but he has a new chance of life and we can see the difference already.


  • Young Schwemm family

    Thanks for sharing the video of the wonderful work they are doing at St. Louis Children's Hospital and photos of Iain!

  • Beth A. Coleman

    Iain, Glad to see you have parlayed this transplant journey into a career in film! Strong showing and so good to see your smiling face, up and around, out and about!!! You are my hero! You fought hard and earned this recovery with every ounce of strength in you!! Love, Beth

  • Shariegrant

    Thanks for sharing this video! Iain you look awesome in all of the photos! We are so proud of you and how far you have come!

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