Busy staying ahead of the situation

Good morning.

As Dr. Ivy, Iain's physician at Children's Hospital, said to me "...this is going to be a roller coaster."

Unlike the craziness that Iain experienced yesterday afternoon and evening, the night was calm. He has been sedated and his vitals have remain steady.

Today the doctors and nurses are taking steps to protect the kidneys and lungs. He'll be on a continuous form of dialysis and the ventilator will be changed to reduce the pressures and total volume of air introduced to the lungs. The current theory is that he's suffering from acute lung injury (graft dysfunction) resulting from the enormous amount of blood what was necessary during surgery.

The biggest production today will be to switch him from lying on his back to lying face down. It's non trivial with all of the access points and draining tubes in his torso.

The goal today is to keep him stable and not cause more injury.

Thank you for the thoughts, prayers and support. We are humbled. There is even a three day Lord Shiva puja occurring in India! Thank you.



  • shanson

    A calm evening must be such a blessing. Continuously in our thoughts and praying for more stability. The Hansons

  • bettylouwojo

    John and Seema, Will continue to ask God's intervention to heal those lungs! Love and hugs, Betty Lou

  • Chrissie M

    Praying and sending you all my energy for a smooth transition from back to front as well as stability. The kettle is on and I'm having tea with you.

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    So happy to hear Iain had a calm night. Hopefully you and John are able to get some rest. I can't imagine you've slept much in the last week. Always thinking of you and praying for the rollercoaster to settle down into a steadier ride.

  • Tremeyers

    Praying for Iain. Keeping him in our thoughts. Teresa and Shaye

  • davisne

    Thinking of all of you all day every day.

  • Simine

    Thinking of you And sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Hope Iain gets a more restful and healing day today. And hope you and John can rest a bit too. All the best from Larry and me. xx

  • hrozakis

    "You must find that place inside yourself where nothing is impossible"! Keep fighting Iain.

  • txgrrl

    I am continuing to pray for you, Iain, as you go through this next step. Every day is a new thing it seems! I am sending you the maximum amount of healingness in whatever form it takes today.

  • Wendy Guild

    I admit to knowing very little about what is involved with Iain's procedure, but this all seems extremely complicated, difficult, and scary. More complicated than I had imagined. It is so good to know that Iain is getting excellent care, that he has a tremendous amount of love and support around him and is having stable moments. Sending you hugs - stay strong.

  • Hetty Ball

    We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to you. You are always on our mind! Iain, we admire your strength and tenacity! Hetty and Tom

  • Shawn

    Ropp's of Boulder wishing you all the best. Stay strong everyone and keep the mending and healing rolling. One day at a time. Love to you all.

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