Escape Plan! How about Escape Party?

Pictures say a thousand words:


  • Joe and Erin Klida

    Way to go Iain! You are looking great!

  • lisapendergast

    Congratulations Iain! We love you!

  • txgrrl

    Iain, you look a dang sight better than I did on my own discharge day. You are so strong and even though the road during this stage is still hard, at least you are at HOME. That makes a huge, massive, incredible difference. I think of you often - now we are siblings in transplant. Let's do a fourteener next year. You are amazing. Sarah Hassell

  • Chrissie M

    Wooooohoooooo! That is just the best news ever! Way to go.

  • susan muir

    Great photos - your smile says it all. Congratulations on the great escape!

  • Steve.White

    Such a happy day - the day we've been praying for. We wish you continued good progress. ~ Steve, Andrea, and Aidan White, Williamstown, Massachusetts

  • Hetty Ball

    We're so happy for you and the whole family!! What a milestone!

  • marilynmonnette

    YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!! Sending strength and love. You got this.

  • Young Schwemm family

    HOORAY!!! Congratulations, Iain and family! So great to see photos of you beaming and your wonderful support team that saw you through this stage of your recovery. Enjoy today!

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Escape plan update. The latest idea, which we think this is the one. Is to shoot your Aunty Win up to the eighth floor using a canon like in the circus. She was a bit worried but I said if a clown can do it any one can. Also she wasn't too keen about the helicopter plan as she had a few concerns about the heights and was worried if she left her handbag or walking stick in the chopper. So for this idea her new code name is now Silver Bullet. So with the good news that your Mum & Dad are going to spring you. Your Aunty Win can now stop her operational training for now and has been put on standby in case she is required for other operations around the world. She can return to her other life of being a grandmother, my mother inlaw and all round good egg. After seeing all the photo's of you and all the good looking hospital guards though, I knew if was a good idea for her to do that Kung Fu self defence course for the over 80's just in case she ran into a bit of trouble during the op. She was quite good as well. It was like watching The Matrix meets Driving Miss Daisy. Any way absolutely fantastic news for you and your brillant family. Well what a Mum & Dad you have and we are in awe of your strength and love but above all we are proud to say you are our friends. Bags and bags of love from, The Mad Prices of Penshaw & The Silver Bullet

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Congrats to all on this very big day! Fantastic milestone. Iain, you look terrific and ready for the next phase.

  • The G Force

    So great to hear of Iain's discharge! Congrats and sending a G Force full of mojo for your continued recovery, Iain! Love to all the Hesses from the Griffiths

  • jen.p.erickson

    Congratulations Ian, wonderful news, so very happy for you.

  • Beth A. Coleman

    Never a better post and more hoped and prayed for escape Iain!! Fly that coop out into the wonderful summer sunshine!! Find you some hot dogs and baseball in that famed city of St. Louis! Love, Beth

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