Friday morning

-Update from John

Yesterday was a crazy difficult day. Iain's temperatures were highly elevated, his heart was racing due to low cardiac output and his body was stiff and continually seizing. Exhausted, we left him late last night to get a brief amount of rest at the apartment.

When Seema, Sarah and I came up to his ICU room early this morning, we were bathed in the light of a brilliant sunrise.

and greeted by Iain...

I'm not going to go overboard and jinx Iain so I will be understated. He looks better...   :) 



  • lisapendergast

    Way to go, iain! You are so brave....keep taking those steps forward any way you can. We love you and are cheering you on like crazy!!!

  • Hetty Ball

    We think of you every day and so appreciate your updates. Much love, Hetty and Tom

  • Kecks

    Wonderful sight to see X 2. Sending wishes for continued light to shine upon Iain and your family while also hoping that yesterday's fever and experiences represent the pinnacle/peak of this rollarcoaster ride. Thank you for sharing. Iain and you are on our minds and in our family's prayers daily.

  • Wendy Guild

    There are a whole bunch of people in Boulder riding the roller coaster with you. Sooo glad today is a better day!

  • Chrissie M

    The dawn of a new day. Hold onto the sunshine.

  • Berk Family

    What a relief to hear this great news. We're all thinking of you, Iain! Rest easy and know that you've got so many friends pulling for you back home.

  • Shariegrant

    What an awesome way to begin the day! I am crying reading your post and thinking about the glorious sunrise this morning! Lets go Iain! You got this!

  • SherriCowhig

    Thank you so much for the consistent updates and today's picture. I am so grateful for this day. Keep fighting Iain - don't give up. This is a long haul and the determination you are learning during this process is going to serve you for the rest of your life!! So many people are thinking of you and praying for you - there are at least 20 people that I know, who have never met you, who are praying diligently for you every day. Remember we are here providing support when you do not have strength to do it yourself. Addison keeps up with your journey also and is here rooting for you every day!

  • philmac

    So tearfully happy for you all - go Iain ! Team McLaren Mercedes cap winging its way to . Love from Phil, Jane, Jake & Holly

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Great news and after seeing the photo I think the writing on the wall says it all. We are keeping everyone updated in the North East and all the members of the IHAS send their love.

  • The G Force

    Thanks for all the updates, Hess Family! Continued thoughts and prayers coming Iain's way from the Griffith Family! xx oo

  • Karl Pendergast

    I'd say that boys eyes are open and look focused on you two! Feeling for all of you having to endure what yesterday brought, and hoping any more tough days are significantly less difficult.

  • Gail T

    Tempering my excitement as I don't want to jinx Iain either but I'm so happy to see this update and finally a picture that has him awake and focusing on you. Iain, you are inspiring so many people. I know this must be terrifying and exhausting but you are fighting like a warrior and your Mom and Dad must be so proud of you.

  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Congrats to you all for such bravery and tenacity. We're all here sending our strength and love.

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