Home and Who to Thank First?

Iain and I arrived home last Saturday afternoon to a beautifully redecorated house thanks to our wonderful friend Doug Ryder.  (Just do not tell him I said that because he can be a right tyrant).  The house itself sparkled, the fridge and pantry stocked and the garden was neat and tidy thanks to a crew led by Sarah and Lisa.  Thank you to my mum, Sonia, the Pendergasts, the Mitelhaus', the Berk family, the Ropp-Maringa family, the Aiduns, the Young-Schwemms, the Abrahams, the Dowlings, the Heiser-Diddams family, and the Guild-Douhtit family.  Thank you to those who offered to help and for those care packages we received. If I have forgotten to mention anyone I am sorry.   It was such a pleasure to walk into a house and have a cup of tea with milk and just enjoy the house and garden.  Ok, after unpacking the jam-packed Jeep which fortunately made it back even though the newly fixed air conditioner seemed to stop working half-way through Missouri (fortunately the temperature dropped significantly into Kansas).

It is great to be home.  Iain seemed to get another lease of life as we crossed the Kansas-Colorado border and I have barely seen him since we arrived.  I went back to work and it was lovely to see everyone and feel somewhat normal again. My dad is in a lovely assisted living in Boulder so now I just have to relieve the Prakash family in Los Gatos from the little monkey that has been living there for the last few months.  I am sure after all this time with a boy on their hands they will breath a sigh of relief as they no longer have to "persuade" him to do his homework. Truly, I am very grateful that they provided such a loving place for Simon during this pretty awful time for his brother.  Thank you again for reading and your messages of support which Iain and I still go back to read.


  • shanson

    Seema, it was so wonderful to see you back in Boulder and we cant wait to hang with Simon. Let us know what else you might need a hand with this summer. Relax and breathe......

  • Gail T

    Stunning scenery on your trip home. So glad to see Iain looking so well. We're going to miss having Simon on the street but I'm sure he's champing at the bit to get home.

  • Steve Van Wormer

    Seema, John... and Iain It is amazing that you are back home in CO. Such incredible progress you've made since getting the call all those months ago in St. Louis. I hear Iain is out with friends every night! Save some energy for Summer Camp! Hope to see you soon.

  • Young Schwemm family

    We're so thankful that you're home, reunited, and getting back to your old routines. Although we've deeply appreciated this blog and how it kept us up to date on Iain's progress, we're okay with this being the last time we'll write to you this way! Happy happy summer!

  • Oliviahess

    Good shit

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