It is Pneumonia - YIPPEE

Yes, that is what we have come to.  We are all delighted here that the rising white count is due to the bacteria he has acquired since being in the hospital.  The reason this is thrilling is because it is not due to rejection. Of course, it is a mite disturbing that he got it here but he is massively immuno-suppressed.   

Iain has had a tough day personally because of the terrors he is experiencing.  We have been able to keep him awake most of the day, albeit a terrifying day or him.  Unfortunately, they had to give him large amounts of anti anxiety drugs this afternoon to get a nasal feeding tube back in him so he is now zonked out and I could not tell him what his daft friends have been up to.  He is going to be horrified that the green machine has been dented.

As much as I hate to tempt fate, I believe tomorrow we will be able to communicate more effectively.


  • hrozakis

    Never, never, never give up! (Winston Churchill) You keep fighting the good fight Iain.

  • Karl Pendergast

    Well alright, then. Pneumonia we can deal with. Iain I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough go coming out of the fog of your past two weeks. Hang in there and get through this phase. I'm with your aunt and uncle on the idea that it's time to kick the machines to the curb and stupefy your medical team with the rate at which you power through it and get to the other side. Can't wait to see your cheeky (did I spell that right, Seema?) smile fill a room again.

  • Abraham Family

    Hi Iain and All, Looks like I'm in the dog house with the Pendergasts. Didn't mean for it to happen, but you're right, Seema, it was a daft move. Don't tell the Pendergasts I said that, though! That green machine is really a luxury vehicle. So, Iain, we really need you to get well soon. We're off-balance here without ya! Like the wise Mr. Pendergast says, "pneumonia, we can deal with!" We're thinking about you all the time, and hoping that when you get better you'll still let me drive your cars. Cheers! Dean

  • Chrissie M

    Yay for pneumonia!?! Seems weird to say it. Give that pneumonia a swift kick out of you. You've Got this.

  • john.hubert

    Iain, We love you and your entire family, and we are so inspired by how strong you all are. It sounds like you are suffering a lot right now, but please believe your mom and dad that it will get better soon. Keep fighting! John and Seema, Thank you so much for your blogs. We read every one eagerly, often while choking back tears. Love, John, Lisa, Blake and Matt Hubert

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