Just out of surgery and into ICU

Good morning, Much of the night was spent attempting to find the source of the bleeding around Iain's left lung. We initially thought that source was found, but at around 2:30 AM CST it was determined that his bleeding was still too high and another round of surgical investigation was performed.

That was wrapped up around 5:30 AM CST. Although there were no obvious sources of bleeding found, small fixes were made and it appears that this bleeding has been reduced! He has been packed up with gauze and transitioned to ICU where he'll remain on the ecmo machine while his heart and lungs "rest." He is stable for now which is the best that we can hope for after 17 hours in surgery.

Our current plan is to keep him in a very quiet and stable state for the next three or four days while the bleeding is monitored.

Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support. We will keep you posted on his progress!

--Iain's dad


  • Christina.Doak

    I'm sorry that it has been such a rough surgery. I am thinking of you all as you go through these tough first few days. I know this profound worry so well. I am hoping you find strength and some peace. Please don't forget to take care of yourselves as parents too. I'm available if you need to talk to another parent. Sending love to the Hess Family.

  • Young Schwemm family

    David Y. and his family are thinking of Iain and all of you with lots of love. We hope he is stable and resting today and that you are able to rest a bit, too. We are here for you. Love, the Young/Schwemms

  • The G Force

    We are all thinking of you and sending prayers and unlimited positive energy Iain's way. If we can assist in any way, large or small, please let us know. Bob, Julie, Stephen, Will & Iain Griffith

  • jtani10

    Congratulations to Iaian and his new lungs!!! I had no idea! I'm excited for his new lease on life and the things he will get to do now!! I had a few bumps in the beginning also and know it is stressful. I'm sending prayers to all of you, Drs, and nurses, for Iain's swift recovery! Love you guys! Jody Miller

  • Simine

    Sending much love to you all. Please, please let us know if there is any way we can help. We are here for you if you need anything. In the meantime, please know that Iain and you all are in our thoughts and prayers. love, Larry and Simine Tepper

  • Aunt and Uncle

    I know this sounds impossible but is Iain's body resting? How are you two fairing?

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Bags and bags of love from the UK. Great to hear Iain that you have got new lungs. We are all thinking of you over here and sounds that you are in good hands. Win, Andrea, John, Andrew, David, Nicola and Me wish you all the luck in the world. All our love and support for a speedy recovery.

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