Mind needs to heal also

Poor Iain, the only way that he can come off the ventilator is if becomes more cognizant and can breath on his own. To do that the sedatives have to be reduced. Today Iain did come out of the fog and was obviously terrified. It was a terrible thing as we could not get him to understand that it would just be a phase of the recovery. He was trying to rip out the ventilator (which would have been horribly painful). In the end they had to give him extra sedatives and so the wheel just keeps turning. Tomorrow will be another day and perhaps today was worse because he had an anaesthetic for the bronchoscopy. He did tolerate that procedure quite well and they managed to remove secretions and do the biopsy without causing a pnuemothorax (a collapsed lung - I will be testing everyone when this is over). We will get the biopsy results tomorrow. We will be rereading all of your lovely comments to him as he wakes up so thanks again everyone.


  • TheSquad

    Hey Iain how are you doing? Sorry for the rough day the Squad hopes for your speedy recovery. The Squad also hopes for the speedy recovery of Dean who bruised the crap out of his ass in an awful attempt to hood slide over the luxury vehicle. The resulting dent in the green machine made a fatherly figure in the Pendergast household quite unhappy today. Hope you have a more relaxing day tomorrow Iain we are thinking of you!

  • Chrissie M

    Iain, right now you are climbing the tallest mountain. It is a long hard climb, but you can do it. You are strong and we are all right here watching you climb. We are cheering you on, can you hear us? Just keep putting one foot in front of the other in your mind. When you grow tired, stop and enjoy where you are and the progress you've made up the mountain. It will be hard, but you will summit. When you do, the view is going to be worth every moment of the climb. Seema and John, we are cheering you on as well. This is your climb too.

  • Abraham Family

    Hi Iain, Seema, and John, Seems that the boys might have better off had they been in St. Louis with you! Bruised arse? Dent in green machine? Yikes! I'd heard about the visit to the reservoir, but not any of the detail-- until just now. Wow, this blog is certainly helpful in relaying more than just news about your progress, which you've been making! Thanks Pendergast squad members for letting on that your Pop's peeved. Sorry Karl! Sorry Lisa! Will have to get with Dean and ask a few questions! Really hope the damage isn't severe! Oh, Iain, you're having a tough time coming out of this. Your body is starting to adjust, but not your mind just yet. Please get well soon! The squad obviously needs you back at home and behind the wheel. Your sound judgment and level-headedness is really needed right now by the parents of your fellow squad members, too! We miss you, and think about you constantly!

  • Karl Pendergast

    We need you back, Man! They're losing it over here and banging their bony arses into hard earned property! You cannot believe the dent Dean made with his butt. I think he's carrying rocks back there! Seriously, it sounds like you're making good strides. Take your time and just put one foot in front of the other. I'll keep these fools in check until you are back with the squad and have reinstituted sanity and the preservation of vehicle safety. The best line ever from you after seeing the yellow mark your dad left on the RS5 bumper from backing into the post in the Elks parking lot: [with incredulity] "What were you THINKING!?!" With you in spirit, E.

  • Abraham Family

    Hi Iain! Yeah, Karl's right. The squad could be losing it. Lots of pressure at school and no YOU to keep 'em in balance. These guys are tall and talented, sure, but they think they're stunt performers like Evel Knievel or something, without the Harley! Leaping over luxury vehicles bare-arsed can be hazardous to one's bony butt as Dean not-so eloquently displayed. And he's got the bruises to prove it! Sounds like things at the Pendergast's could be tense if you don't come home soon. I'm gonna make sure our cars don't venture far from Chautauqua for fear of more radical spectacles from your daredevil pals. Meanwhile, these guys may think they're skilled professionals or something, but the Pendergast and Abraham elders will be taking precautions! Dean said something about he and Mason trying out for a stunt double job! Oh, no! I think I overheard Colin suggest they contact your pal Jeremy Clarkson and test out the Eboladrome on foot! This is getting way out of hand. We do need you back, Iain! You're gonna laugh so hard when you hear/read this that it'll clear your mind right up. Little by little, Iain. Way to go. :) Lari

  • marilynmonnette

    Hey Iain, keep dreaming about all those activities you love to do. I know it's hard but this is temporary. The doctors, your parents, your friends, family are all here for you, and all us new fans who are cheering from a far. Hold tight to those dreams. You are capable and strong. Love Marilyn

  • Aunt and Uncle

    Not that we need to see anatomy but stunt proof may be interesting. So handsome nephew, this step is a stinker but you will OWN it. You have already shown fortitude and significant strength. Now is the time, frankly, to raise your middle finger to those machines...thank them for their time but their job is done. Ditch them! You got it!!!!!

  • Sidney79

    You are doing such a great job Iain, keep it up! I know this is so hard but you are such a fighter and am amazed by your strength. I am always thinking and praying for you. Brooke Graham

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Latest important news from the UK! Is it news about the Queen, the Prime Minster or Harry Potter! No, none of these. The Iain Hess Appreciation Society (Penshaw & Sunderland Branch) held their yearly general meeting and we have released the first photo of the Society's new official UK T shirt! We have asked your Aunty Win to model the T shirt. We have expected a big rush for the shirts so we have kept five back for you. Why five I can hear you ask? Well as a teenager we thought you need one to wear, one to permanently stay on the floor of your bedroom, one in the wash, one for the draw and the last one is the one you loose and find years later and it still fits! Or you can have one and give the rest to Mum, Dad, Olivia & Simon. Its up to you. Hope this brings a little smile to your face? Keep up the superb work everyone and take care.

  • Seema

    I love the T-shirt, Penshaw is my first memory. I remember falling down the hill and getting white plasters in a cross on my knees. Love to all.

  • Aunt and Uncle

    Ian Price,how do we get those???

  • susan muir

    Sounds like Iain had a really tough time. Hopefully today he can be roused a little easier. It must be traumatic for him and you both. I want to join the Iain Hess Appreciation Society (any branch). Can't wait to see him wearing one of the t-shirts.

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