Mixed bag


The bronch was delayed as they decided they wanted to do it in the OR rather than bedside given his oxygenation status.  The bronch would help clean the lungs and they will also biopsy the lungs to check for rejection. Normally it has been done by this time but given the circumstances they had decided to wait.  Iain had an uncomfortable night with post surgical delirium.  He seems to have his night and days mixed up so we are trying to wake the kid up, and you know teenagers.......  He has had to undergo a lot of very uncomfortable treatments to help expel the horrible stuff in his lungs so that also makes him sleepy.  We have not seen his eyes really focus on anything yet.

Thank you transplant families for your words of wisdom at this time.


  • txgrrl

    Hi Iain, I don't know if your family is still reading the comments to you. I hope so, but you are probably sick of hearing from me by now! I wanted to offer some words of encouragement (again) for this part of the process. I had two major open-heart surgeries and my post-surgery delirium was pretty bad. At least I was somewhat prepared on the second time so I was able to cope better, but the first time was pretty scary. Just remember to concentrate on the sound of your mom and dad's voices. They are your guide as you come out of this. My mom came to me in a post-surgical hallucination which was WAY better than the freak show that was happening before she showed up. Keep your ears on their voices and know that their love is what is true and real. You will be super confused by the current date, day and time. Ask them to open the shades so you can see sunlight or darkness. This will help. I became very belligerent about this! Life right now is SO DISORIENTING. It's also sort of hard because you hear stories of waking up post-transplant and suddenly the world is happy-slappy and you feel like running a marathon. This was not the case for me and I thought I was alone in feeling like a big pile of dog doo. It is totally normal if this is how you feel. Keep up the fight, kid! My sister gave me a beautiful heart necklace to celebrate my ten year anniversary - I'm wearing it every day until we see your eyes and hear your voice. Much love, Sarah Hassell

  • Lidia

    Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience! ?? Your story is very helpful and reassuring also for all of us who are not familiar with the process/recovery of a transplant surgery.

  • susan muir

    I hope Iain has a more restful sleep tonight. Thinking of you all x

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