Iain had another bronchoscopy this morning to see if they could see a small leak or pulling apart of the areas where the lungs were attached.  Nothing was observed, perhaps it was too small to be seen by the camera?  The reality is that everyone is baffled as to why it happened.  The chest tubes are in place and doing their job to drain the leak.

The meds seem to be keeping the seizures controlled but he has not really been awake all morning particularly as he had the the bronch and needed more sedation.  Again, so far they cannot figure ouy the cause of the seizures.

He looks peaceful just now (med induced) but he has had an awful few days.  We know that we will be drawing on all of you to help him when he begins rehab.  It will be both physically and emotionally daunting.  Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.  We read each and every comment and draw on them for support.


  • Cindy OKeeffe

    Wow, forget the rollercoaster analogy, this is more like an ultramarathon that summits several 14ers. Good thing your love and courage fuel the endurance needed. Keep it going, imagine we're all here along the route cheering you on.

  • Hetty Ball

    Super ultra-marathon indeed! The three of you are beyond amazing and have more strength than most people could ever hope to summon. We are constantly with you in spirit and always thinking of you. Hetty and Tom

  • jen.p.erickson

    Seema, I read every blog, prayerfully following Ian's journey and keep Chris, (12 yo, Pott Shunt Oct. 2016) up to date on Ian's recovery. Last week he offered one of his Skyrim discs for XBox, a very special game for him, it's his 'hospital' game. He wanted to make sure Ian had plenty to occupy him while he recovers : ) Ian may not know he's got a kindred spirit, but Chris is here cheering him on. We all continually pray for Ian and all of you. Jennifer and the Erickson family

  • davisne

    This just continues to be terrible for all of you. I'm so sorry and I can't wait for all of you to have this behind you. Much love.

  • Chrissie M

    It's one of those crazy beautiful Colorado days here. One where the sun just wants to keep shining. We'll be sending it back your way in the morning hoping you have a beautiful sunrise again.

  • Young Schwemm family

    Sorry to be boring and always say the same thing, but we are thinking about you each and every day. David is ready to support Iain during rehab any way he can.

  • Tremeyers

    Please know Shaye and I are thinking about Iain and reading the updates. He is a strong young man and what a journey he has been on. Keep fighting Iain, Shaye says hello. Teresa & Shaye

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