Photo - not horrible

Hello All,

I have refrained from photos as I am sure most of you did not want to see photos of Iain with his chest cracked open or in distress.  However, since John and I feel fairly optimistic we decided to share a photo of him.  He is still struggling with the ventilator but many of his other markers are beginning to show improvement.  We know that it will not be plain sailing from henceforth but we remain positive. Look at those eyelashes!


  • Young Schwemm family

    Iain looks peaceful and handsome despite all he's been through! Happy to hear he continues to progress — we hope he'll be off the ventilator soon. It's a new week!

  • Mistysmommy

    Looks good! I wish I had those lashes!! Go Iain!!! Bev

  • Marc Painter

    Iain probably can't wait til tomorrow because he keeps getting better looking every day. Keep on keepin' on y'all.

  • lisapendergast

    His skin tone is amazing! Hoping that the crummy ventilator is gone soon, Iain. Hang in there.

  • Lynn Pesely

    Iain is looking good! The healing process can be a roller coaster but I have faith that the highs will keep getting higher. Baby steps - any progress is good : )

  • jtani10

    Iain is looking good! Just a suggestion, take pictures for Iain's sake, you don't have to share them publicly. I wanted pictures of the times I didn't remember and I still go through them and share with those interested. Keep fighting Iain! You are on a roll in the right direction!

  • Salvado Family

    Looking good young man - and these lashes are to make every and any girl soooo envious!! Paul-Auguste would say that Iain looks like a Lenscrafter advertisement ;-) Up and forward! Marie-Laure

  • Chrissie M

    Which are longer - the lashes or the toe nails ;) hope that tonight is peaceful and good progress continues. Stay strong Seema and John.

  • Beth Butterfield

    Your are doing great Iain!! Keep showing your strength~ you got this!!

  • Sidney79

    Look at that beautiful boy. This is going to a roller coaster of a journey with many ups and downs (as you already know). Document it all so you can look back at them and be amazed at his progress. Continue being hopeful, have faith and feel the love that is sent to you all. Constant prayers for the Hess family. ?Brooke Graham

  • susan muir

    So happy that Iain is improving every day. You and John are right to feel hopeful. I hope today is a good one. And yes, I'm envious of these lashes!

  • Prices of Penshaw

    After all the bother you have been through and you are still a good looking lad! Well done everyone you are all doing stunning work. All our love and support from over the pond.

  • Wendy Guild

    Thank you for your posts and photos. He is looking good and it is amazing to think he will not have this disease any more!! So grateful that he is improving every day. Still sending you thoughts and prayers!

  • Lily chavkin

    Hi my names Lily Chavkin and I'm a sophomore at Boulder High! I saw a post about Iain on my Facebook page and have been super interested in helping your family out since I saw it last week. I'm a member of student council and have been talking with my committee about advertising The link to help with fundraising. Is it okay for us to publicize the website and put it on PTV?? You can contact me at(303) 842-6670 or Thanks so much and thanks for the updates on Iain, I've been following the blog since I first saw the post last week:)

  • Lidia

    We are so excited about Iain's improvement! He looks great in spite of the whole ordeal he's been through. Thanks for sharing the photo. It's very encouraging to see him looking so strong and handsome! : ) Keep on fighting Iain!

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