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Seema and John have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from their friends and family.  They are extremely grateful for the phone calls, emails, texts etc.  They are sorry if they cannot respond to everyone, but please know they are extremely grateful for your kindness.  Seema and John have been quietly reading to Iain the comments that people have posted in response to their blog entries.  This blog provides a great forum for friends and family to record their words of love and support to the family.  As requested by the family they would appreciate you writing your words of support in the comments section below each blog they make.  This will make it much easier for John and Seema to share your words with Iain.  Thank you.

-- Sarah


  • Elizabeth Burrows

    Dear Iain, Your Summit teachers were in the Library this morning for a meeting, and I wish you could have witnessed the outpouring of love and care for you. We are holding you in our prayers, focused on the strength of your spirit, and the beautiful and courageous person you are. With love, Elizabeth Burrows

  • Carleejean

    We are praying for you every second. Our daughter Carlee is 14 and been through so much you have. Our hearts go out to you.... ????and mom and dad!!! Iowa..! Stay strong??????????

  • Joe and Erin Klida

    That light we are seeing are the headlights of a Bugatti Chiron. It's autoshow season, keep up the fight and lets get you back into the drivers seat soon.

  • Hetty Ball

    Dear Iain, We are excited to hear about your progress. Stay strong and keep fighting, we have much more flying to do and Tom wants you to start flight lessons! Our love to you and your family, Hetty and Tom Ball

  • vkeeney

    Dear Iain, You've always been strong, in your own quiet way, and I just know that this moment in time will be no different. I'm thinking of you, as are all of your former Summit teachers. I'm looking forward to you coming to visit us at Summit when you've conquered this mountain. You've got this! -Valerie Keeney

  • TheSquad

    Hey Iain it's The Squad hoping you are feeling better and able to hear this message. How are you feeling? Blink once for ok, twice for stable, or no blinking for blahhhhh. The Squad considered playing Broccoli by Lil Yachty for you but we figured that would bring chaos to the ICU or it could disturb your high. Either way we'll play the squad song when you wake up! We miss you buddy come back to boco soon we have been cooking up some schemes for your return! -The Squad

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