Repeat: Yay No Rejection, Pneumonia Again

Strange this pattern.  Three bronchs, three different pneumonia's.  No, really the bronchs have nothing to do with the pneumonia that was diagnosed yesterday morning but had been developing all week (we know with hindsight).  The bronch did cause the pneumothoraces which thanks to the chest tubes are clearning up.  So the chest tubes will be removed tomorrow and Iain will have to have a pic line placed to continue IV antibiotics when he gets out.  We are not sure when as his O2 is not great.  The funny thing is many moons ago when he was in the ICU, Sandeep wanted to take out the Broviac because of its potential for infection and I involuntarily said "no".  Really because I was a little afraid of removing it as it had been so useful.  CT surgery agreed but for a different reason - that it might be tricky because it had been in for so long.  So here we are almost whistful that the broviac was removed.  It would be so much easier to get him out with the antiobiotics going through the Broviac.  Oh well.

So Iain has not had a wonderful week. It started off well with a nice visit to the zoo with his nurse friends and a great trip with his dad to see the Cardinals play.  But yesterday he was really down as he had seen Boulder on his horizon, then it disappeared and honestly he really felt lousy. He is a little more sanguine this morning and feels a tad bit better.


  • dzimmerman

    Sending contiuing LOVE, LOVE, LOVE from Boulder to all of you! the Z's

  • Young Schwemm family

    To make the passage of time easier, we've temporarily frozen things here in Boulder — there is snow on the ground and it was 24 degrees this morning! Iain, we hope the coming week is better — maybe you will get to another ball game. Although we were sorry to hear you're dealing with pneumonia again, it's great news that there is no sign of rejection. See you SOON!

  • lisapendergast

    Hi Iain, Just wanted to remind you that we think of you and miss you and your family every day. I know your recovery is taking longer than you had hoped....but don't worry....we're not going anywhere. Here's another little joke for you...this time from Owen. Q: Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? A: The OUTside!

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