Rolling in the Ward

Iain went for a ride in his wheels around the CICU, with his entourage of 6 to cheers and a standing ovation from his fan club among his doctors and nurses. Seriously though people were thrilled and Carol helped him stand for two minutes.  The powers that be, Sandeep, his critical care doctor this week has decided that trache trials are to be delayed until he becomes stronger, as he was so depleted.  It makes sense.  He is struggling with anxiety and delirium in the evening but he is in a much better spot than ever before.  Granted tomorrow is the dreaded Thursday. Let us hope that we can break the curse of Calamitous Thursdays.

We would love it if he could sleep at night as we do not leave until he falls asleep.  But then he wants us here early in the morning too.  We stopped sleeping in the hospital due to the idiot people who insist on sleeping in the common areas with colds or even worse, children with colds, neither are allowed.


  • Shariegrant

    Wow! Sounds like an exciting ride! So happy to hear he is getting out and about a little bit. Sorry to hear about the idiot people and their children with colds. Wish I was there to yell at them all for you. Keep it up Iain! Tomorrow you will break the curse of Calamitous Thursdays!! Love from all of us Grants xxooxxoo

  • The G Force

    Awesome! Sounds like Iain is almost ready for a ride outside. LMK when that happens and we'll take an extended spin on my KTM. :) Great news, and many continues heartfelt wishes the Family Hess! Massive thumbs up, The G(riffith) Force

  • Chrissie M

    Happy tears for a ride! This is going to be a new Thursday cycle of feeling better.

  • Hetty Ball

    What a fantastic day! Here's to a great day tomorrow, Friday and an even better weekend! We think of y'all constantly! (A good Texan would have said,"all y'all," right John?) Much love, Hetty and Tom

  • Young Schwemm family

    Thriving Thursdays. That's our nomination for a replacement for "Calamitous Thursdays." Thrilling Thursdays might be too exciting...Thirsty Thursdays? Well, you get the idea. We're talkin' WAY BETTER THURSDAYS! Wishing you one tomorrow, Iain and family! XO

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Iain, Nice to hear that you were able to wheel around the Ward. Probably not as stylin' as the Green Machine....but I bet it must feel good to move about. Have a good Thursday. You got this.

  • TheSquad

    Howdy Iain glad to hear your feeling better! I visited Texas this past weekend, you'd fit in at UT or A&M, but let's go to UT together! We are thinking of planning something at Boulder High to raise awareness of what your going through would that be ok with you?

  • Abraham Family

    Hi Iain! From now on, Thursdays are going to be pivotal for you, and your mom and dad! We're OVERJOYED to hear the exciting news about your walk and ride around the corridor to cheers and ovations! As it should be! That's small prep for what you'll experience when you get home! May each day forward bring you the strength to soon cruise around town with your mates-- in the gorgeous and grand Green Machine-- or whatever mode of transport you choose! And on whatever day! You're definitely in the driver's seat now! With love! The Abrahams Lari, Tom, Dean, Eve, Alexa, & Aengus! :)

  • susan muir

    Good Morning, Iain! I hope you enjoyed your spin around the ward yesterday. Sounds like you've got a fan club at the hospital! Have a good day today, we're all wishing you well x

  • Salvado Family

    WOW - this was awesome to read. I can only imagine the entourage strolling the corridors under the cheers. That - must have felt very special to all ... as it feels special to us readers. Soon Ian, you will be dancing in the corridors! But you, Seema & John also need to get some sleep, because you simply must be exhausted by now. You have been remarkable in your presence, courage, adversity - well, simply your love! Big hugs to all :)

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