Science versus Superstition

Hah!  The plan early this week for the removal of the chest tube was to clamp the chest tube today (Thursday) and remove it on Friday.  The chest tube has been on water seal all week and the pneumothoraces seemed to have behaved.  However, yesterday I just happened to run into the surgical team and they said in fact protocol was to clamp then remove the chest tube six hours later.  I asked.  "Are you sure you really want to do that, after all it is Iain?" Oh they laughed 'ha, ha, ha" (knowing Iain has been extraordinarily complicated) but said "yes, it is protocol."  Then I said "But tomorrow is Thursday". Silence and some mystified looks but one of the CT nurses said "Oh no, you are right".  As the surgical fellow queried the comment, the nurse explained how many of his most challenging episodes have happened on a Thursday. Then the Big Cheese Surgeon, Dr. Pirooz Eghtesady came out of a room and reaffirmed that the clamping and removal was going to indeed happen on Thursday.  However, the mood had shifted and the surgical fellow mentioned the Thursday effect on Iain. Immediately the Big Cheese decided to postpone the whole thing to Friday.  Apparently surgeons are the second most superstitious profession - even the most exalted scientific surgeons in their field.

However, it would not be a Thursday without something, and sure enough, the bronch from yesterday shows Iain has pneumonia.  This explains why he was suffering from so many secretions and declinining SATs.  So I suppose you could say it is good news because it is treatable.


  • Hetty Ball

    Oh Iain, if only Thursday's were just any other day! We are awed by your strength and progress and know that very soon every day will be just another day! Always thinking of you, Tom and Hetty

  • lisapendergast

    What a roller coaster of a week! Boo to the pneumonia. Good riddance to the pneumothorax. Fingers crossed for an easy chest tube procedure tomorrow. Thinking of you guys. xo

  • Young Schwemm family

    That's great that now the entire hospital knows to be careful on Thursdays. We're glad this Thursday is behind you and hope the pneumonia clears up fast. Good luck with today's procedure!!

  • susan muir

    We hope your procedure went well yesterday and you're feeling better x

  • lisapendergast

    Love the photo of Iain with his NCAA tournament bracket. But I thought Iain hated basketball.....hhhhhmmmmmmm.......

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