Sunday morning update

Iain is more awake.  We have been trying to explain that he has had his transplant and for him this will be the worst time of his recovery.  He does have some comprehension and he is trying to communicate his discomfort to us with his hands and grimaces.  It is very frustrating to him when we do not understand.  It is not so much the pain but the discomfort around the tubing to the ventilator that is causing the distress.  

Part of his problem in weaning from the ventilator is that there are issues with the less left lung whether it is simply mucus (dreadful word), or extra fluid from the bleeding that continues (though not profusely).  In turn it is not expanding like the right lung and so, of course, he is desaturating somewhat.  The treatments are not pleasant for him, one of them is an almost type of pneumatic wrap around his chest which vibrates or beats his lungs to shake up whatever is in there.

They are still working on getting his blood pressure down as it still quite high.  This is really the time I was dreading for him being aware of the ventilator and having to have this dreadfully uncomfortable procedures and on top of that his nagging mother telling him to breath.  I am surprised he is not getting his oxygen level up just to get me to shut up.  I know John wishes I would.


  • Hetty Ball

    Iain, Nagging mothers make the world go 'round, so listen to your mother! You are a warrior, Iain, so keep fighting hard through the pain and discomfort. We continue to send our love and prayers. Hetty and Tom

  • susan muir

    I hate to think of Iain in discomfort and pain, though I know it's inevitable during this time. Keep on nagging him, it'll remind him of being at home! I hope things get easier for him as the day progresses. Love from us all x

  • Marc Painter

    Seema - sounds like you're being a great mom. That you may be annoying him is a good sign. Keep up the good work!

  • briggins

    And Iain, as I tell Brock, listen to your mom and do what she tells you - it just makes things so much easier! Seema, thanks again for the updates so we can all vicariously watch Iain's progress.

  • Chrissie M

    Keep up the good nagging Seema! Sorry Iain, it's the one of the official jobs that comes in the mom hand book: nagging. The other official job is loving you, which is why we moms keep nagging. I'm also going to let you in on a mom secret. Nagging is hard work. So every time your Mom tells you to breathe or nags you to get better, she's also saying how much she loves you.

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Iain....your mom has got this nagging thing just do what she says! :) Hope today is a little easier than yesterday. Hang in there kiddo.

  • Salvado Family

    Iain - As uncomfortable, frustrating and painful these days are, they are a good sign of recovery, and your path to get you closer to a healthy life. And I guess it is a good sign as well if you have already energy to argue with your mom (and dad too, a little bit, no??) Hang on there, look at where you came from, and especially where you are going to - try to see today as a short and necessary pain! I knowwwww, easier said than done!!! Bon Courage! Marie-Laure

  • Laura Judd

    Iain, your body has done SO much work to get you to this point. You are strong and determined. We are all amazed by you! Keep up the good work! -Mason and Colin's aunt Seema and John, you are super strong too! You're kind of like the Incredibles. And Seema, while nagging might not feel like the most glamorous superhero power, you are definitely helping the good guy fight the fight! Thinking of you all everyday and wishing you all the best!

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