Sunday wave

Iain had a couple of milestones today with all of the remaining chest tubes removed and being taken off the continuous dialysis. There seems to have been a bit of clearing around the lungs on the X-ray and they have been able to turn down some of the settings on the ventilator. He was still fairly out of it until later this afternoon when John was trying to persuade me to go to eat.  I did not want to go as it appeared Iain was stirring.  John said it was fine as Iain was not compes mentis so I told Iain what John had said and then asked him to squeeze my hand if he was indeed compes mentis and you know what?  He obviously squeezed my hand and we got a tiny little smirk.  Later he managed to keep his eyes open for several seconds at a time for Olivia on face-time and then Simon and the Prakashs in California were treated to a little wave. 

John and I were treated to a lovely lunch and dinner brought in by Steph's cousin Vanessa who lives in St. Louis which was lovely as the hospital food takes a huge nose dive at the weekends.  Last week we managed to avoid hospital food a few times as my sister Sonia prepared food to bring in while she was here.  This saved us from the daily choice of fried food, different fried food or soup and salad.  Strange that they have so few healthy choices for a children's hospital.

Tomorrow is the bronchoscopy and biopsy in the OR if they deem him stable enough.


  • Laura Judd

    What fun steps in the right direction. Way to go Hess fam!

  • Chrissie M

    Wooohooo! Love those milestones! Keep them coming!

  • susan muir

    Happy to hear that Iain had a positive day. I hope today goes smoothly in the OR.

  • Hetty Ball

    So happy to hear of the progress! Keep smirking Iain! Hetty and Tom

  • Kellie Coe

    A hand squeeze, a smirk, face-time, a wave, chest tubes removed, off continuous dialysis... All SO good. Keep it up Iain!! Still thinking about you every day and every time I wake at night. Love to you all. The Coes

  • Young Schwemm family

    So happy to hear Iain is beginning to respond. We hope today is a good day for all of you!

  • The Stevensons

    Seema & John - that's such great news! We'll continue to hold you guys in our thoughts and prayers for more milestones. All the best. Ian & Kiersten

  • Jaime Ramirez-S

    Thanks Seema for sharing. We will keep PPI (Positively Praying for Iain). Iain is strong ;o)

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Hesses, Hope today is another day moving in the right direction. Thinking of you guys. Love, Us.

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