Super Saturday

Iain had a great day.  He managed a trip to the rooftop garden on floor 8 with his entourage.  He slept last night.  And best of all his brother came in from California.  To those who may be wondering, Simon our 11 year old has been lovingly welcomed into the bosom of the Prakash family (my brother's family) in Los Gatos and to whom we are very grateful.  Although there were competing interests in Boulder to keep him there from my sister to my parents and friends and the extended High Peaks family, we thought that being able to go to school with his cousin and be near to Olivia who is 10 minutes away in college would be optimal particularly if things became tenuous with Iain (which of course they did but happily not now).  Iain smiled in a completely different way when he was with Simon, it was beautiful. Although Iain is still not eating even with Dr. Sandeep trying to tempt him with chocolate ice-cream, we brought a nice cake to celebrate John's birthday to celebrate with the night CIUC staff.  For those wondering he still has the trache and has pressure support so cannot talk which is naturally frustrating when his mother is too dimwitted to understand his hand gestures.  His writing has improved tenfold even from yesterday so communication is an issue but getting a bit better.



  • Abraham Family

    What a beautiful photo! And what a perfect weekend you're all having! Great that Simon could be with you to celebrate Iain's outing and John's birthday. You won't forget this one, John, with your many gifts. Seema, dimwitted? I don't think I've come across anyone as poised and beautiful as you. How you've managed to keep your wits about you, and maintain any sort of composure is remarkable. You're always so eloquent and brilliantly explain to us each scenario. Before we know it, Iain will be taking over and sharing his own recovery journey. Everyone welcomes that day! Wishing a serene Sunday to all of you. xo The Abrahams

  • Chrissie M

    The sun and the son are both shining! Love this beautiful photo.

  • susan muir

    It was great to wake up to your update this morning, especially with the photo. And lovely for you three to see Simon. What a difference a few days can make, well done Iain on your progress!

  • Kellie Coe

    Happy tears this morning! So good to see a picture of you all out in the sunshine!! :) Thinking about you all every day and so appreciate your updates. Keep moving forward Iain!!! Love and hugs to you all. Happy birthday, John. Very best, The Coes

  • Tremeyers

    This is such great news! Seeing Iain up and out in the garden made Shaye smile. You got this Iain. Shaye says hello. Hugs, Teresa & Shaye

  • hurroz

    Good to see Iain out in the sun, and happy birthday John! Hector

  • lisapendergast

    So nice to see you sitting up and outside Iain! Have a great visit with Simon. :)

  • Young Schwemm family

    Great to see you taking the fresh air, Iain. What a good weekend for Simon to visit! David is glad to be texting with you again. Have a really good week!

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Excellent news. Beautiful photo as well, but I would change before you go into a bank, just to be on the safe side. I like the blanket as well. I also have some more good news and that is the 2017 IHAS T shirts are flying the Atlantic as we speak. Our US rep (Sonia) upon receipt will pass them on. These are not just T shirts they are "Body Art". As I have said to Sonia in the enclosed letter, these are the hottest things on the planet. Also the IHAS (Penshaw & Sunderland branch) can guarantee that George Clooney, Matt Damon, Charles Dickens, Elvis, Madonna, Plato, Tom Hanks, Sting, Brad Pitt, Lenny Da Vinci, Kylie Minogue, The Queen, Tom Cruise, the Dalai Lama or even Alexander the Great have not got on of these, they are that rare. So Iain be very careful when you put on the shirt, people will try and befriend you, buy you drinks and give you gifts. Its not your good looks or sense of humor they are after. Yes its the shirt. You have been warned. Joking aside, great news and we are all over the moon. Take care and bags of love.

  • LisaD

    Yay!!!!!!! That picture is amazing and really captures how wonderful it must feel to have fresh air. How cool that Simon gets to hang in my old stomping grounds. Hugs to all!

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