Tentatively so far the heart is staying strong

They started the weaning process of the ecmo machine at 4 am. This means his own heart and lungs are doing 50% of the work the machine was doing for him. So far so good. They will do a test clamp later this morning and hope that his body can take over. I think he can. I think his body wants to take over.

John and I very grateful for everyone's support - from those who know us well, to those who have met us in passing, and the people we have not met but are part of our larger community. I am not a social media person but for this challenge I read the comments for sustenance and read them to Iain.


  • susan muir

    That's great news, Seema. We are thinking about Iain constantly and willing him on.

  • The Stevensons

    Seema & John, We wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we are all thinking about you and your family and praying for continued progress for Iain. Let us know if we can do anything at the house to help out. Ian & Kiersten

  • Steve Van Wormer

    Iain, Your parents said they are reading all the comments to you. We continue to track your progress every few hours. It's the first thing we are checking when we wake up and the last as we go to sleep. This morning after reading they post that you are weaning off the ecmo, is so great to hear. So much so that I quietly got up in the 5am hour, snuck downstairs and logged onto the computer to fill out the application for Camp Del Corizon 2017. Spoke to your dad the other day (I'm pretty sure he already signed you up again)... if not NOTE TO JOHN - Let's lock down session 3! I full heartedly know that we will be seeing you again in a handful of months (and I confess, not having to worry about you breaking lines will be a relief)! Keep on going, Iain.

  • Chrissie M

    Iain you have been waiting for this for a long time. Now you can use those new lungs! Your body wants to use those lungs. Keep staying strong. We know you can do this.

  • Chrissie M

    Seema you are the strongest Mother I have ever met for so many reasons. I know you and I both aren't much for social media. It's hard to share personal things in a public way. You and John are doing an amazing job of supporting Iain and each other. It is a long bumpy process. Trust and have faith that you and Iain will get Through this like many other challenges in the past. In my mind, I've made you a cup of tea with milk. We're all sitting with you and putting a huge bubble of love and positive healing energy around your family.

  • marilynmonnette

    Iain, I met you along time ago. You were a strong brave boy back then. Seeing all your dad's post on Facebook of all your journeys, reading these post you are stronger than ever. Trust your body, your heart, your lungs. Lean on all the love that is being sent to you. You got this, you are a strong young man. Sending love to you and your parents and all the positive energy in my being. Love Marilyn

  • Salvado Family

    Stay strong Iain - let these heart and lung show them who you are!

  • Jayson Denney

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you guys are in such good hands there in Missouri and that Iain is in such great care.

  • stewart3d

    Iain & Family, So wonderful to hear that Iain is making good progress! Your friends in South Meadow and beyond are praying for your family - to give you the strength to overcome the challenges in the coming hours and days. Go Iain! Please let us know if we can help. Phyllis & Steve Stewart

  • GabrielleStafford

    Strong, brave, inspiring -- these are the words used over and over in these comments, and I have to repeat them, too. Iain and Hess family, you have touched us deeply and even though we don't know you well, we are thinking of you all the time. Our boys ask about you every morning when they wake and as soon as they get home from school. I was so glad to share this latest bit of good news this morning! Keep up your strength and steady progress! All our love, the Stafford family.

  • Daniel Farkas

    Dear Iain, All of us here at ColdQuanta are thinking of you. We're constantly checking the updates, always hoping for the best. We're rooting for you! Stay strong!

  • Jill kamon

    Just figured out how to communicate. My thoughts and prayers are with you every second. .

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