Thank You to a Family Grieving

I am listening to a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. Someone's else's child is in danger and I feel for them whether that child is coming for emergency treatment or is waiting for organs to be delivered.   We, the Hess family are so very grateful to the family who allowed the donation of their family member's organs.  I also want to thank the surgical team, who literally worked around the clock to save Iain's life on Tuesday through Wednesday morning and the incredibly caring and proficient nurses and doctors who have continued with that life saving care.

Iain is more aware of his discomfort and all the chest tubes, leads and other tubes coming out of him, but tonight I got glimmers that he is beginning to initiate requests to be suctioned and so clear his lungs.  This is a step forward, instead of merely being a passive recipient of care.


  • TheSquad

    Hey Iain it's Colin, The Patriots and the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl. Oh well maybe Brady cheated again but the game should be good. Hope you are doing well and feeling a bit better. The Squad still has a trip planned to go see you this coming weekend so hopefully we will see you soon but if not it will be for the best and we will come see you ASAP!

  • Steve Van Wormer

    forward, forward, forward. So happy to hear Iain is fighting his way forward. Sounds like you all are in amazing hands. Thank you organ donors, indeed!

  • sanchitjain

    Thank God that Iain is recovering. He has been a fighter and has seen tough times, but surely good times are ahead. Lots of gratitude to the doctors who has worked so hard over the last week. God Bless Iain, Sanchit

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Sorry to hear about your discomfort Bonny Lad but its great to hear you are heading in the right direction. There are a lot of people over hear in the UK pulling for you. You are doing a stunning job and so are the team in St Louis. Next time you come over to the UK we will take you to a rugby match, a pint with the lads (you only have to 18 over here) and best of all a bag of fish and chips! Take care mate.

  • Lisa Hering

    Seema and John, I am so glad that Ian's progressing! And communicating! I had a friend who was vented recently and communication was big for her, she progressed from hand signals to paper to smart phone. Although she hadn't had surgery like Ian, being vented has some commonalities. Her big requests included: Avoiding anything that may trigger thirst or hunger, communicating pain level and suction needs, and requesting her nails be clipped!

  • HeatherPrakash

    Beautifully said Seema. I hope there's a chance to write and thank the donor family for allowing their loved one to save Iain's life. What an incredible gift. Can't wait till we see you all again! We love you!!! Heather

  • Chrissie M

    It's a long journey Hess family. Keep climbing those mountains! Organ donation is an incredible thing.

  • Abraham Family

    Thank you for keeping us so eloquently updated, Seema and John. Iain, we are here in Boulder holding vigil for you. We hope that this very uncomfortable phase passes soon-- and that you don't even remember it. You've two wonderful parents, but I don't have to tell you that! They've done an awesome job keeping the people who care about you connected to everything you're enduring. Seema, thank you for reminding us all about the enormity of the donor process-- one that can never be understated; life giving life-- with the wonders of medicine sustaining it. The scope of it all is quite remarkable, and now everyone who cares about Iain is living it-- up close. Although his discomfort is more than most can fathom (and watching it all, as parents, most be unimaginably difficult), may he continue growing more conscious and active in his own recovery. Let's hope for a good start to the week, Iain! Keep up the good work. Breathe in and out with gusto! Sending all our love your way, Hess Family! The Abrahams xo

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