The Grand Tour...

As many of you know Iain is obsessed with super cars, almost as much as those boys from the Grand Tour, formerly Top Gear.  Well today our task for Iain was to try to keep him awake during the day and try to wean him off sedatives so that he can start the process of breathing for himself.  We read to him, asked him numerous questions, prodded him, poked him but the only time I got a clear nod of the head was when I asked if he wanted to watch the 1st episode of the Grand Tour.  So for the Brits, can you imagine I was momentarily grateful for Jeremy Clarkson! Good grief what a thought.

Seriously though, his oxygen saturation was ok, not great but ok is good and his blood pressure was high but not sky high, he also made a little eye contact; so although I am apprehensive of allowing myself to feel a little relief, I do.


  • Abraham Family

    Having lived in London for so many years, one becomes a bit numb to Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear, and all that. Who'd think that show would have so much value in our lives today? If that's what it takes, GO FOR IT, Seema and John! Play videos of the show, tell stories-- whatever it takes! We're thinking about all of you, hoping for Iain's steady progress, and a good week ahead! Cheers! Lari, Tom, Dean, Alexa, Eve & Aengus!

  • Chrissie M

    What a welcome distraction to have the GT! Plus those guys are hilarious. Hope everyone gets a good night of rest. Keep up the good work and everyday get a little stronger.

  • susan muir

    Glad that old Jeremy is good for something! I hope Iain had a restful sleep last night and is ready to be awakened today.

  • Aunt and Uncle

    May have just found uncle Kurt something to look up for you between now and that football game no one in Colorado is talking about. I bet John Brocko has advice. I think he is willing to drive you in his Porsche but your heart will have to be in good shape as he will use you as an excuse to "test the engine."

  • Marc Painter

    Maybe you start playing "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers for him - theme song for the show and a song that always juices me up in a positive way. And remind Iain that there's a 67 Mustang convertible and a 2000 Porsche 911 Cabriolet for him to drive when he comes back to Kalmia Circle. Keep getting stronger Iain! I want to see you in those cars! Marc

  • Elizabeth Burrows

    I still remember Iain showing me all his photos, from his visit to the Bugati factory in France. You could see the joy on his face. It made me smile to read your post, and to recognize Iain's love sparking his mind.

  • Isley F

    Wonderful update

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