This Thursday will be good

Iain is having his 2 month bronch to test for rejection as protocol.  He came off ICU service yesterday which is great.  On Monday he got a new trach which should help with the "speaking" valve, although it has not been tested yet.  Before he had complained that it was suffocating him and everyone reassured him that no he was not and really it was all in his head.  Finally one of the respiratory techs noticed the amount of pressure building up when she changed him from the ventilator to the trach collar.  So indeed he probably did feel like he was suffocating (though not actually).  Very big oops.

Iain had a great weekend with his Uncle Simon,  cousin Sophia from Los Gatos, and his friends Colin, Mason, Dean, and David and my friend Lisa here from Boulder.  I think it got him out of being the "very sick kid" and back to being a teenage boy.  The staff were great coming in to meet his squad and getting us a conference room so we could be more comfortable. I will post some photos in the photo album of this blog.  If they are not there immediatly it is because I got distracted.


  • Steve Van Wormer

    Great news about ICU! I also feel blessed today that I got a text from THE Iain Hess!

  • Young Schwemm family

    ..."The Squad" will continue to be there in spirit, even though they're not actually taking up all the space in Iain's room. They were glad to visit and would schedule another trip soon EXCEPT they assume they'll be welcoming Iain home before too much longer!

  • lisapendergast

    Hi Iain....You got this. Thursday Shmursday. Congrats on getting off ICU service, but I hope you still get your favorite nurses. :) It was so nice to see you and we can't wait to have you home.

  • susan muir

    Great to hear that you're off ICU service. I think they'll be waving you goodbye soon. Glad you had a good visit with your friends.

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