Thursday - One Day it Will Be Funny!

This morning, I awoke to Iain asking the Pulmonologists how quickly he could get off support.  Everyone had been encouraged how yesterday he had done 6 hours off the trache and walked 250 ft without ventilator support.  He asked to go back on the trache collar quickly which just administers a minimal amount of oxygen to speed up his rehab.  As he transitions to the trache collar the secretions which are kept down by the pressures the vent administers start to make him cough and these can be exhausting but he knows it and knows he has to get through it to be able to breath comfortably.  This time, his sats just kept dropping and his heart rate rose.  We initially thought it was  bit anxiety and tried to talk him through it. Eventually we all realized that something was going on.  Ultimately his left lung has collapsed.  The good news is that it may be due to a build up of secretions.  So they are trying to treat that.  So let us just hope that that is it.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will know more and as he had a bronch yesterday we should have those results (where they look for rejection and infection as a matter of course one month post-transplant).


  • Aunt and Uncle

    Is the left side generally weaker because that is the location of the bleeding from the original surgery? I am fully hopeful that this will be easy as he seems to be SO MUCH stronger. It also seems that he is instinctively asking for help when something internal is amiss.

  • Karl Pendergast

    Hi Iain - sounds like you're pushing the rehab, but good. Excellent news that you were off the trache for so long! Get through this most recent speed bump quickly and kick the rest of Thursday in the donkey, uh... backside, uh... keister...

  • Young Schwemm family

    Iain, it's amazing that you were up walking and taking breaks from ventilator support yesterday. Your efforts and progress are really inspiring. We hope this latest issue with the left lung is cleared up quickly!!

  • Steve Van Wormer

    Hey Iain, Told your dad today, you got exactly 27 Thursdays to go until the next Camp Del Corazon session starts! #LifeGoals Looking forward to seeing you Bigger/Faster/Stronger ready to show so many kids your success story! And I'm thankful that you'll have no more IV lines to break! Hope it's as big of a modivation for you as it is for your friends here in Los Angeles. Keep on keeping on, my friend!

  • Abraham Family

    Hi Iain, This hasn't been the greatest day, but Thursdays are often challenging for ya. Don't worry, it's almost history, and Friday's sure to bring better results. At least they know why you've been challenged. Take care, and know that we're thinking about you. Stay strong! Love from all of us. The Abrahams xo

  • Kellie Coe

    Iain, you are amazing.

  • Chrissie M

    Wow Iain, I don't think I've ever seen anyone fight as hard as you. Do you know how inspiring you are? Every one of us are in awe of your spirit. We try to live a bigger because your strength has show us it is possible.

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