Thursday going on Friday

Yesterday and today have been miserable for Iain with the feelings of persistent nausea. He was not amused as I tried to commiserate with him by likening it to morning sickness. His look of disgust quickly made me shut up. Yes, I know, not one of my smarter moves. The nausea started a week ago but was manageable as it was only in the evenings and not interefering with his rehab. Unfortunately today and yesterday he woke up with it. Another Iain problem that is perplexing the great and the good in this hospital and they are taking it very seriously as they know it affects mood and rehab. On to the bigger issue - the pneumothorax. We thought it had been easing off but instead it grew overnight as the remaining chest tube got clogged. Since the weekend is coming up and staffing lightens up, his primary critical care doctor Ahmed did not want to risk that tube getting clogged again so Iain is now down in the OR having another chest tube placed by his surgeon. I cannot say he is smiling through this but as I said yesterday he does not complain, cry or whine.


  • Chrissie M

    Ugh! Naseau is the worst. So sorry he is having to deal with it. Hope it goes away ASAP! And I appreciate your sense of humor Seema :)

  • Young Schwemm family

    We hope the medical team can relieve Iain's nausea soon. That is a horrible sensation. Very sorry Iain must return to the OR for a repositioned chest tube. Possibly he gets tired of hearing about how brave he is all the time, but we do think you're incredibly brave, Iain. There's so much you can't control right now but your spirit is yours and it's AMAZING.

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Iain. Sorry you are having a tough couple of days. I'm not sure I have any special thoughts to share.....But my father told me a joke last night. A preacher is giving his Sunday sermon in church one week. He raises his hands up in the air and says, "We are... but dust." A little girl in the congregation leans over to her mother and whispers "Mom.... What's butt dust?" Hope tomorrow is a better day.... See you soon, dear.

  • Lynn Pesely

    Hi Hess Family- I was in London earlier this week and went to Westminster Abbey and requested a prayer for Iain. Such progress he has made in his recovery - such an inspiration! Lynn

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Hi folks sorry to hear about the nausea but glad to hear its not morning sickness. The Tiger (Aunty Win) sends her love to everyone. I was just thinking if she in the Tiger then Niocla and I must be Winnie the Pooh or Piglet. Oh I hope I am Winnie the Pooh! Anyway glad to see you are geting about and improving. When you think of the journey you have been though I think you all deserve a big pat on the back. I am off to find some honey now so take care.

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