Thursday going on Friday Repeat!

On Wednesday at 3.00 am a roof tile in Iain's room disintigrated and proceeded to drip nasty brown liquid on poor Elodie, Iain's nurse.  Although she dealt with it calmly without waking Iain up, by 7 am the ICU team decided that it would be too risky to let Iain stay in that room so he moved down the hall and then actually got downgraded (or is it upgraded?) to floor status as he seemed to be doing quite well.  That, of course, was the kiss of death, as he his SATs started to trend downwards and by yesterday he was having trouble breathing, could not get a break from the secretions, had a temperature and the nausea came back with a vengence.  By the evening, his doctor Rachel, decided she wanted him back and so although his room is the same, he is back in the CICU service.  Prevailing thought is that he may have pneumonia and is being treated for that.


  • Young Schwemm family

    Dear Iain, family and caregivers, Iain, hope you're feeling better. I dropped Dean, Colin, Mason, David and Lisa at the Denver airport this evening and they are in the air heading to St. Louis now. They bring loads of good wishes from Boulder. Love, Diane (David's mom)

  • davisne

    So glad to know the Pendergasts will be there soon. I know that will cheer Iain up. Much love.

  • susan muir

    Sorry you've had a difficult couple of days - I hope the weekend is better. Enjoy your time with your friends!

  • Fsheffer

    Thank you for your continued posts. I am grateful for the updates, and remember how hard it was to give them, as the situation morphs unpredictably from one minute to the next. Living in a trance-like state of high alert and anxiety is becoming a memory for us, as it will for you when the road straightens out. Hang in there, you are family of champions. It may be hard to imagine from where you are now, but I'm thinking of you all in wonderful post-transplant adventures with Iain charging ahead with lungs that refresh his body and mind with oxygen.

  • dzimmerman

    Dear Iain and family, Sending you more love and support from Boulder! You are incredibly stong and we love you very much! Wishing you all the best...and no more nausea..! the Z's

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Hi Iain. Sorry to her about the bother you have had in your room but I thought we would let you know that the Iain Hess Appreciation Society (Penshaw & Sunderland Branch) has formed an escape committee to help get you out of the hospital. We have seen the film The Great Escape loads of times as a training aid so we know what we are doing. We have formulated a full proof plan which just can't fail. We have decided to tunnel you out. We are going to start the tunnel over here in the north east of England and we are going to dig our way across the Altantic. I don't think it has been done before. We estimate it will take us 422 years and 16 days give or take a day or two, including holidays. The tools we are using are two spades, a wheelbarrow, compass, atlas and a torch (but we don't think the batteries are going to last). Nicola suggested we dig three tunnels called, Tom, Dick and Harry in case one of the nurses discovers one. But I am afraid as we have only one torch, so that idea is a non-starter, we will just chance the one tunnel. The other problem is that we think you are on the eighth floor, but by the time we get there we think we will have worked out a solution how to tunnel up to the floor you are on. What we need from you in the guard rota for the doctors and nurses for March 2439 including weekends. So take is easy, we hope this gives you a few laughs and keep up the good work. P.S. Have your passport to hand as we are on our way!

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