To Trache or Not to Trache?

That was the question posed to Iain by his critical care doctor, Ahmed, today. He was given the options, pros and cons and we allowed Iain to make the decision. Wisely he opted for the trache (sp?). That is scheduled for tomorrow and we expect it to allow him to wean from the vent more rapidly than if he were to remain with the tube down his throat. Yesterday Ahmed left around 4 pm after giving us a frank assessment of how the neuroleptic malignancy syndrome had really set back his recovery significantly. Today he expressed his astonishment at Iain sitting up, lucid and able to write pretty well compared to yesterday. Iain still has a long way to go before being weaned but it is marvelous to be able to get his imput into his care. He is very motivated to get his strength back.

I have to thank Sarah for her kind words, (they made be tearful), for reminding me to breath on Thursday and helping me communicate with all of you lovely people. Also thank you to COTA for helping us with this blog and helping children like Iain to navigate the transplant process.

Oh wonderful, the staff just jumped into action as John yelled at a play during the Super Bowl. I had to remind him this is a critical care unit.


  • Chrissie M

    Iain, I am so proud of you and your parents. Words cannot express. The determination you all have shown is above that of any super hero.

  • lisapendergast

    Hello Iain! You are incredible. So glad they figured out what was going on with the are so brave. I hope that each day gets a little easier for you. Miss you tons.

  • Severson Family

    Hi guys, not a day goes by that we don't think about you all and send the happiest most positive thoughts your way. We are inspired by the strength of your family and want nothing more than for you all to be back in Boulder. Ian you are impressive. Stay strong - you've got this!!!

  • Abraham Family

    Wow! Iain! Just like what happened in the Super Bowl tonight, you're making an incredible comeback! Thanks, Seema and John for sharing this heartwarming news with us! How cool it is that you're contributing to your own care, Iain. You're getting closer and closer to that touchdown when you're back in Boulder and on familiar, loving turf. We all miss you, and this latest news is making all your loved ones around the world very happy! Great way to start the week. Keep it going! The Abrahams XO

  • susan muir

    Iain, well done on making that difficult decision about your care. We are so impressed by your strength.

  • susan muir

    Iain, well done on making that difficult decision about your care. We are so impressed by your strength.

  • TheSquad

    Hey Iain glad your finally awake! Rough couple of weeks huh? I flew over your house today, still looks the same, come back to it soon!

  • shanson

    Thank you for sharing the ups and the downs. I am hoping you can feel how much everyone is pulling for you in Boulder. Thankful you are surrounded by such a caring and expert team to help you through the hard days and celebrate the good ones.

  • davisne

    Definitely a little comic relief, although it's good to know the critical care team is on it. :) I've been following along and looking up terms you mention. It sounds like the trache isn't necessarily permanent? Either way, what a gift that Iain got to choose. Much love, every day.

  • MattStone57

    Hey Iain, the boys in the cabin have been working a lot about you and we are so relieved to hear you are doing better. The cabin is missing it's best cabin mate and can't wait to see ya and hear from ya again. Now don't forget to bring out those glow sticks at night, just because it's a hospital doesn't mean it can't be fun:)! Gabe, Christian, Max, Carlos and the rest of us are thinking about you every day and love ya lots! Feel better Iain, see you at camp.

  • David Young

    Iain you've done an amazing job staying tough and strong so far, keep it up! Can't wait to see you soon

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