Trach Removal Success

The trach removal was such a non-event that I missed it - so did Iain's nurse.  Day 2 and ENT want him to stay another night.  Everyone is scratching their heads in disbelief as he is absolutely fine.  Look how good he looks in these photos.  Izzy was the dog who visited him hours before the transplant. And Asa below has been in longer than Iain and will be in for another 5 weeks.  He has been home only for a few short weeks in his little life.


  • Steve Van Wormer

    These are great shots, Seema. Wonderful news Iain! (Take the dog home with you!!!)

  • Karl Pendergast

    Fan-frickin'-tastic. We absolutely cannot wait to have you back here Iain! In the immortal words of Mr. Crystal: you wook mawvellous.

  • Shariegrant

    He does look great in the photos! I cant beleive how easy the removal went-- I guess it is about time that something went easier than expected! My heart goes out to the little guy Asa-- puts it all in perspective. Go Iain!!

  • Hetty Ball


  • marilynmonnette

    YAHOO! Iain you are a true warrior. And handsome too. How are the vocal cords?

  • lisapendergast

    Alright Iain!!!! See you soon!! xo

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