Update on behalf of Seema

Dear Friends and Family

It has been an extremely long day for the Hess family and Seema has asked if I would update her blog on her behalf. Unfortunately, there have been some complications with Iain's surgery. He has been bleeding for over three hours and despite the surgeons pushing blooding clotting medications Iain continues to bleed. There are now two surgeons working on Iain to try to find the source of the bleed, they will be putting him on a machine that will circulate the blood out of the lungs to help locate the source.


  • Kelli Frykholm

    Love and strength to Iain and all of Iain's sweet family. Your courage and grace through this journey are so evident in your writings. We're sending our strongest love, good vibes, and fervent prayers. Sincerely, Mannon and Mrs. Frykholm from 8th grade English

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