As many of you have been asking I thought I would update.  Iain is still struggling to get out of the fog of sedation.  It is a fine line between being able to tolerate the pain of the surgery and discomfort of the ventilator but he has to be able to make his own breaths instead of letting the ventilator do it.  To do that he needs to be a bit more compos mentis.  He stirs for a few minutes and his eyes have opened briefly but not been able to focus.  He has been able to respond to commands, fleetingly.

He still has significant bloody discharge from his chest but hopefully that will reduce in the days that come.  The doctors continue to monitor the kidneys as they took a hit also because of the numerous transfusions and because he is now getting more doses of the immuno-suppressants.

Nevertheless, his heart is looking good.  There is a smallish area on the left lobe of the lungs that needs extra care but otherwise they look ok.  Small steps....


  • Jennifer Piper

    Wishing all of you the best from Summit Middle School and beyond. We can't wait for you to be strong enough to come back and visit and show your family around! In the meantime, I admire your parents and your strength!

  • Chrissie M

    Every little step is important. That's all you need to do Iain, keep making those steps!

  • Lisa Hering

    Still holding Ian in our hearts and sending love.

  • Tremeyers

    Still praying. You got this Iain. Shaye says hi.

  • Kirstenfelton

    ? love to all of you!

  • Salvado Family

    You got it Iain - Making progress, one step at the time!! Some baby steps and some giant steps. You have a lot to be proud of ... and your parents too :) Les Salvado

  • davisne

    Thank you so much for the updates. Sending love.

  • txgrrl

    Hi Iain, I don't know if you are into music, but when I was at this stage - trying to work my way out of the fog and off the vent, I relied on my trusty first generation iPod (yes, I'm old). I was not able to do much but punch the tiny button to advance to the next song, but as I transitioned slowly to room air and onto the CPAP, I would try and breathe in some sort of rhythm to the music. I was very tired and confused, but the music plus my mother's voice telling me to "breathe" got me through it. I am praying so hard for you. This week, your Uncle Mike told me that I "walk so fast" when we went to get coffee. My response is "because I can." I am excited for you to be able to have this conversation with him too. Much love, Sarah Hassell (Uncle Mike's assistant)

  • Seema

    Hi Sarah, I inflicted 80s alternative on him yesterday, today I will consult his friends. Thanks

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