We Should Have Known Better

Here we are admitted back into the Heart Center.  We came in at 7.15 am expected to be released today. Initially, the broviac removal was a little more problematic than normal but that was why the head honcho of Cardiothoracic surgery planned on doing the procedure.  The broviac was well and truly stuck but eventually with persuasion it was removed.  So far so good, then the bronch and biopsy was done.  A lot of secretions were observed all over the lungs but they did seem too problematic.  Following came the injections into the vocal cords and a smaller trach - no problem.  He was back in recovery at 1.30 pm - wow great.  But his O2 was dropping - not so great.  X-Ray and lo and behold bilateral pneumothoraces.  This is a known complications of bronch and since it was Iain and a Thursday we should have all known better.  Even the hospital computers crashed causing delays as nobody could see or share X-rays or notes and so everything has had to be hand-charted.

So anyway, after marshalling CT surgery and Dr. Eghtesady, who insisted on coming back, Iain had two chest tubes placed.  Needless to say there were some glum faces.  Nevertheless the tubes were placed without problem and Iain is now up on the 7th floor with his mates.  Although sorry that this happened, a lof of his favourite nurses were on duty so he got to see them. We hope that the holes will heal in a couple of days.


  • Young Schwemm family

    What a challenging day, Iain. We hope you're more comfortable heading into the weekend. Love from all in Boulder where it's supposed to snow later today!

  • lisapendergast

    Hey Iain, Hope your amazing team is taking care of you and helping you to feel better. Take your time moving through your recovery.... We're not going anywhere. Love from us Pendergasts

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