What a difference 24 hours can make...

(update by John)

What a difference 24 hours has made. Yesterday at this time Seema and I were terrified. Now not as much. The hypothesis that Iain has suffered from acute lung injury due to extreme blood transfusion volume appears valid. He is now on continuous dialysis to protect his kidneys and has been turned over to a prone position. 12 people and 2 hours to turn him from back to stomach!

All of his numbers are dramatically improved. His oxygen saturation and CO2 clearing are at very good level and his lung compliance (the elasticity of his lungs) is better than expected given the injury.

This phase of the recovery is going to be gradual and hopefully entirely without drama. The doctors are always careful to set expectations regarding timeframes, but we can expect this to take "days to weeks."

As always, thank you for your support and kind words. We are reading all of your comments to him. Although he is in an induced paralytic state, he can hear us.

I'm sure he's sick and tired of Seema and me nagging him to breath. At least he can't talk back! :)



  • davisne

    That is fantastic news!

  • Young Schwemm family

    Boy, this is rough and complicated. We're so glad to hear that moving Iain to his stomach has helped improve his vitals. We appreciate the updates and continue to check in and think about you. Hang in there! Much love from Boulder.

  • bettylouwojo

    Heading in the right direction! Praise God! BETTY LOU

  • Lynn Pesely

    Happy that his O2 sats are up and things are looking better! When our son Nick was a preemie with underdeveloped lungs the ICU kept him on his stomach to help him breathe better. Hang in there!

  • lisapendergast

    Baby steps in the right direction. You got this, Iain.

  • Lindsay Coe

    Sweet Hess family, I am sending so much love to you all. You are all incredibly strong and I am so, so happy to hear things are going in the right direction now. Ian and you all are in my positive thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, lots of love for you all. Lindsay

  • marilynmonnette

    Iain I am so happy to hear you are doing better. The discomfort must suck. But just wait until you are past this and imagine all the things you get to do. Just keep thinking about that. You got this kiddo! You are strong! Love Marilyn

  • Berk Family

    A roller coaster, indeed!! You all must be feeling pretty wrung out. But, Iain, we know you are one tough hombre. Keep at it, dude.

  • Steve Van Wormer

    I didn't see the photo pop up when I read the post on my phone. What an amazing group of doctors looking over all the Hess family. Let me 2nd your dad's words... let's kick this phase in the butt "without drama" Keep on going, my friend!

  • Richard Keck

    Our prayers are continuing for Iain and your family. Also, we have family and friends in St. Louis if you need something, please let me know.

  • Chrissie M

    Wow that's just amazing what shift of position with respect to gravity can do. Brilliant. Days/weeks - we're all here with you on this roller coaster.

  • susan muir

    So happy to wake up this morning and read your update, John. I hope today is a healing day.

  • stewart3d

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing what Iain's first words will be after all he has been through! Phyllis

  • Shawn

    Love this post. Ropp family pulling for you Iain in every way. Stay strong sweet boy

  • Christina.Doak

    Katy and I have been thinking of you, Iain. I've been checking your updates everyday. I am so relieved to hear you are doing better. Katy had to be put on her stomach during an intubation 2 years ago. It also did wonders for her. You are a fighter and we have faith that you are going to pull through this, and have a new lease on life with those wonderful new lungs. Please know you are in our thoughts and hearts even if we don't comment all the time. Katy is in a battle of her own right now. Seems and Jon, you are never far from my thoughts. I know your fear and worry. Please know we are rooting for all of you. Also, please make sure you are taking care of yourselves and each other. I know it's hard, but so important, in order to keep yourselves healthy in the weeks and months to come. This has been such a hard start to this new journey, but when you see the difference in Iain, it will all be worth it. Sending love and hugs your way. Christina and Katy

  • Prices of Penshaw

    Excellent progress from an excellent young man. John and Seema, well all we can say is that your strength, care and love for Iain not just now but over the years is an example to us all. Your Aunty Win as is everyone else is constantly asking for updates and everyone sends their love.

  • Salvado Family

    WOW - It is great news to read ... and while you are still navigating between days and weeks, you have at least good signs and hope that this is moving toward the right direction! People care requires a complex approach. Medicine tends to look at the hard science ... and the human approach allows a phenomenal improvement by 'just' turning Iain into a different position - not that it was an easy and fast task!!! Hang on there - you are all fantastic :) PS - sorry for my stupid egg'ish title, but I could not help it!!

  • masonkp

    Hey Iain, super happy to hear that you're doing better. I've been telling everybody that's been asking about you that you've been through a rough time but that you've stayed strong the whole way. Keep it up!

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