White Nights

As you know Iain has had a particularly rough ride through the transplant journey. Just as we thought he had burst through to the other side, Iain got hit with another case of ICU delirium (though why we would tempt fate like that, I do not know). Last week's neuroleptic malignancy syndrome demonstrated that he cannot take the normal drug regime to alleviate it. To remind you, one of his symptoms of that syndrome was a fever of 107.42. The funny thing was when his temperature was climbing (over 105) one of his doctors reassured me that the brain does not begin to "melt" until about 108. I think I might remind her of that conversation when I see her.

So today Iain is a little calmer after a rough afternoon/evening yesterday and two nights of no sleep. He did tolerate the tracheostomy and when he is lucid he tries so hard at his PT and OT. Carol, his physical therapist is here now. Everyone is amazed at his resiliance and completely dismayed and upset for him when he has these setbacks. There are many doctors and nurses, even if they do not have him in their care at a given moment, come around to find out how he is doing. They are a lovely bunch here in St. Louis Childrens Hospital.


  • Laura Judd

    Iain, you are one tough cookie! Way to fight the fight! We are all cheering you on and sending you our best wishes.

  • susan muir

    I'm glad Iain's being looked after in such a caring and friendly environment, as well as them being brilliant at what they do. It sounds like he's had another very tough 48 hours (as have you and John) so I hope he has a restful sleep tonight. Thanks for the update.

  • briggins

    John, Seema and Iain - we have not posted in a while but we are most certainly, anxiously, following your daily journey. Your heroic strength - especially you, Iain - exposes the rest of us as mere mortals. You are one tough kid! Keep fighting, one precious moment at a time!

  • masonkp

    Hey man glad to hear you're doing better. Can't wait for you to come back so we can celebrate your return with some dope pyrotechnics (controlled, and safe, of course). Feel better!

  • Young Schwemm family

    Iain, this has been a rough road but we're glad to hear you're awake more and able to start doing PT/OT. We think about you a lot. David is going to try swim team with Colin and Mason this spring...even though he hasn't been in a pool in years...he'll let you know how it goes. S&J, as always, we send loving thoughts your way and appreciate the updates. It doesn't surprise us that everyone's rallying around Iain, even the doctors and nurses not directly involved in his care. We hope today is a good day for all of you!

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