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With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, many transplant families are unable to shoulder the financial burden of such a procedure.  The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-related expenses. Volunteers are raising funds for COTA in honor of transplant patients like local baby, Jase Snevely. 

Jase was diagnosed at one year old. He is the son of Michael and Jamie (Boswell) Snevely. Jase was diagnosed October 9 th 2015 with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma that has metastasized to his bones and his skull. It was taking up over 70% of his abdominal cavity compressing his diaphragm making it difficult for him to breathe. We believe the doctors have caught his cancer barely in the nick of time to save Jase's life. The doctors at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, have recommended two life-saving stem cell transplants with the probability of needi...

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How You Can Help

If you could help make a miracle, would you?

The question is as simple as that.  If your answer is ‘yes', I invite you to join the nearly 100,000 volunteers and contributors who during the past two decades generously donated their time and money to the Children's Organ Transplant Association (...

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Fight Through the Night

My dearest little Jase, As I sit with you tonight holding your sweet little hand in mine, while you fight for your life. My tears stream down my face uncontrollably wishing I could take away all your pain and discomfort. Your burning temp, labored Continue Reading »

Flashes of HOPE

Thank you Flashes of Hope for taking Jase's and my photos a few weeks ago between surgery and chemo apt's. They turned out amazing(Jases didn't feel good and those were the only smiles that afternoon). Continue Reading »


Jase has been bottomed out on his immune system for almost a week now so we are hoping for his white blood count and ANC to recover any day now. He has mucositis and basically chemical burns to his bottom from round 6 of chemo. It is painful, but Continue Reading »


The doctors are suspecting a possible bowel obstruction, Jase has had a couple XRays and today they have him scheduled for a Ct. Jase spiked fevers over night starting at 130 am he is about to get round two of iv Tylenol- they did cultures- nothing Continue Reading »

bad day :(

Jase made it about 40 hours home before having to go back in... Continue Reading »

St. Patricks Day

Jase may be in the hospital on St patty's day but at least he's got a shamrock Oreo shake and a tattoo!! His chemo has been postponed due to getting the flu yesterday afternoon. Poor guy has had fevers as high as 103.9. They hope he will recover and Continue Reading »

Pizza and Paint

Our Pizza & Painting party from March 12th has been all wrapped up. What started as a few ladies having a bit of wine and crafting quickly emerged into a productive event. The proceeds have been mailed to COTA in Honor of Jase today. Mike and Jamie Continue Reading »

UPDATE: Surgery Feb 22, 2016 -

UPDATE: Surgery  Feb 22, 2016  Continue Reading »

Cancer sucks

Cancer sucks- it makes you miss cool holidays like Halloween. It makes you have to relearn how to walk. It makes you regress and it makes you look crazy when the only thing you will eat is jalapeño Cheetos for two plus weeks.. Cancer is a shitty Continue Reading »

How You Can Help

If you could help make a miracle, would you? Continue Reading »


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