Cancer sucks

Cancer sucks- it makes you miss cool holidays like Halloween. It makes you have to relearn how to walk. It makes you regress and it makes you look crazy when the only thing you will eat is jalapeño Cheetos for two plus weeks.. Cancer is a shitty disease that is robbing my poor son out of so many life experiences, like playing in the snow, playing with other kids, not being stared at like a freak show for having now hair and an NG tube. My poor baby girl has to take a back burner all the time. And even more James, the best big brother ever takes a double back seat being twice as patient with two needy little ones that suck up all attention before him. He deserves an awesome man trip soon. Thank the lord for both grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousin Amy, Abby, Dawn, Chris, Christina, Vivian, shanna and many generous friends and family that have helped fundraised in many ways. I pray to the good lord to let my little trooper get to have a normal experience for his birthday. Please let his labs all fall in line with his planned date and everything work in our favor... Thank you all. Good night..


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