Fight Through the Night

My dearest little Jase, 

As I sit with you tonight holding your sweet little hand in mine, while you fight for your life. My tears stream down my face uncontrollably wishing I could take away all your pain and discomfort. Your burning temp, labored breathing, your cries for help, the immense pain you suffer, alarms ringing through the night, nurses and doctors in and out of your room it's so hard to remember life last summer. You were everyone's little buddy a chubby cheeked toddler exploring this big world. Your smile and laughter made you the life of every party. That head of little blond curls and your tough guy swagger made you the king of the play ground. Your will to survive , your strengths , your courage cannot be measured in ounces, pounds or inches and miles. The laughter and joy you have created since the day you came into our lives is forever embedded in our families. Your illness has brought heartache, anger, desperation , and inspiration. You have touched thousands of lives friends, neighbors, coworkers and strangers as we all pray for a miracle. So many have begged , bargained and tried to barter with God in order trade places with you, to cure you, to simply ease your pain. I believe Jase my little man you are the most precious gift to our families. Hang in there Jase your road to recovery is long and steep you'll get there Jase I have faith in you.


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