Pizza and Paint

Our Pizza & Painting party from March 12th has been all wrapped up. What started as a few ladies having a bit of wine and crafting quickly emerged into a productive event. The proceeds have been mailed to COTA in Honor of Jase today. Mike and Jamie would like to thank everyone who came out to support their sweet little guy! Thank you so much all who volunteered their time and talents we couldn't have held this event without you. Tammie held the painting sessions in the outer room with 21 painters. Vivian headed up the Silent auction with sponsors Chicago Black hawks, Chicago Bears, Mayor Tim Balderman - Triple Play Concert series, Patrick's Amazing cake, Amazon Kindle, Elite Car Detailing bringing in $1,285, the combined raffle baskets with sponsors Beggars Pizza, Charles Morris Hair Salon of New Lenox as well as many individuals bringing in $811 .Tim and Linda - ran the split the pot with the assistance of Patty and Jennifer International Chimney donated the supplies for all of our printing needs. Michelle Dixon setup the web ticketing and ecent pages online all the way from Fort Worth Texas. Patty offered her poster making skills to fill the walls with Jase. Patrick hosted a bake sale bringing in $155 while Janis did the tarot card and stone readings. Thank you the four sweet girls running all the ticket sales Samantha & Amy at the raffle table. Nicole & Tiffany holding the front door sales; they all refused to take a break. Jennifer did a great effort keep assigning the tasks and keep the crowd amused. Me I stood in the middle of the room worrying about it all. Shanna did loads of shopping for the event although she wasn't able to make it out. We had a very special area setup Kids Korner which brought in $18 as loads of smiles and giggles. we have the best of the best staff Quinn was the master with his side kicks Carlos & Eric - We had the lovely Becca who brought in an extra helper great job ladies. Regardless of the amount of dollars brought in I must say the best part of the event was Jase's smile. After being cooped up in the hospital and with so few trips home - the day was brightened by Jase who was fist bumping , high fiving and toddling around Beggars Pizza like any normal little boy and not a care in the world. We do have a promise of a few more donations being mailed. We have decided to go ahead and close the event. Those additional donations will go directly to COTA in honor of Jase.

Gross amount = $6,626.00 
Expense amount = $1,305.00 
Event proceeds = $5321.00

Keep your eyes on this page as we announce a few small fundraisers. Michelle Dixon is working on an all night fishing expedition. Janis is heading up several weekend garage sales starting May 7th rolling into May 14th, May 21st and May 28th. June 18th will be a very special event TBA later this month. Once again thank you for all your support of COTA in honor of Jase ~ We all do it for Jase!

I forgot about the best raffle prize - Christina's Blackhawk's quilt . It raised $100 plus dollars. Beautiful ! And then theres is the time Jase Fist bumped with the Mayor of New Lenox! 


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