UPDATE: Surgery Feb 22, 2016 -

UPDATE: Surgery  Feb 22, 2016 

9AM Jase has just been taken into surgery. The surgeons plan to place his central line, biopsy his lungs and place a chest tube first. Then they will fix his hernia and get as much of the cancer as they can. Because the cancer has caused damage to his kidney(hence the high blood pressure) there is a small chance they may take his kidney while they are in there( a last ditch effort and a very small chance- and people can live with one kidney). Jase will have an arterial line placed (probably as I am typing this) and he may remain on the ventilator overnight into tomorrow. All of the outpouring of prayers and support is so very kind and appreciated. May the lord give Dr G steady hands and strength to fix our little superhero today...

5PM - Jase has just come out of surgery. They have gotten all of the cancer that they can see in his abdomen. They were able to leave his kidney in- it looks healthy!! Hooray!! The nodules do not look fungal- the biopsy will take 24-48 hours to come back- it could be infection or CANCER in his lungs. We wait and see. Jase will remain on the ventilator overnight and will have a chest tube for a couple days. We are waiting to see him. Thank you everybody for the support and prayers.

UPDATE:  Feb 25, 2016 -

Jase has gotten his arterial, pic, and iv line out as well as his chest tube, and his fowlie cath. They have determined that the nodules in his lungs are fungal. They will be deciding later today if they will stay on the same medication or change to something different. Jase has been a trooper. He is starting to sit up in bed. He is still very tender and trying not to move.





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