New day

Since all the beginning of this a lot has changed. When all this started my kidney function was at 29% it has dropped to 14% in 4 years... I have been having a lot of problems lately about 4 weeks ago I woke up and could barley walk, sit, stand, or anything and when I stood up my dad had to catch me. I went to the ER and turned out I had fluid on my hip that was infected. They had to go and tap my hip and then do a surgery to clean it out.... they then put a central line in and sent me home on IV antibiotics for 4 weeks... I will be off of those Friday :).... bad news is after all this I have more problems like chest pain, shoulder pain, stomach aches, headaches, I have a sore on my foot from where I busted it open and now it has trouble healing.... so I am trying everything to get it to heal before I go to the last option and that's to have more of my foot taken off... (I already lost my left big toe and that's the place that is busted open).... I have went to the ER 4 times in the last month they have done test and can't find the source of my pain at all... I am going to my nephrologist tomorrow and my family doctor next week and hopefully one of them will be able to help me. I just want all the pain to stop to be honest I am at the point where I feel like God doesn't hear me anymore no matter how much I pray even if I scream I feel like he is turning away from me....but I still pray and still try so I ask anyone reading this to pray for me and continue to do so in the future...

-- Jordan


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