Today 4/23/14

I sit here today and think about how much I love my Baby Girl even if she is almost 18 years old, she is still my Baby Girl! I think back to all the times she was in the hospital, how many tests and procedures were done. The many nights I sat and held her as a young child and rocked her all night because it was the only thing that would help her pain! How when we went to the doctor and she had to have blood work she would just sit there as if it were nothing. She had gotten used to all the needle sticks. A thing no child should ever have to get used to in my opinion! I realize I am blessed to have such a strong, courageous young lady as my daughter! She is fearless and the things that are to come may frighten her but she pushes on with her faith! Faith in an AWESOME GOD that is bigger than anything she has or will EVER have to face! A faith that can move mountains! A faith that we all should pray to have! I Love you Baby Girl! You are my inspiration! 

-- Bill


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